I’ve been making websites since 2004. My interest in websites started out purely as a hobby. Trained as an engineer, I was curious about websites and what it took to make them, host them, make money with them, etc. I wanted to see if I could go through every step necessary to create my own website. I didn’t intent to make a living with websites at all. My interest was purely theoretical. I simply wanted to go through the steps of making a website so that I would be better informed about websites and the internet in general.

But what happened next was truly amazing. What happened next was my website made money. And then it made money again, and again. I couldn’t believe it at all. It was the coolest thing ever.

Based on the success of that first website I went on to make many others. And along the way I’ve learned an awful lot about exactly how to make and market successful websites. Finally, about two years ago, I became able to support myself fully with my affiliate marketing websites. I had (and have) the ability to make a living at home with no schedule and no boss, co-workers, associates, customers, or clients. I work when I want for as long as I want. I told my family and friends and got a lot of strange looks in return. This is one of those deals that sounds too good to be true. It even does to me. But perhaps just this once in my life, it is not too good to be true.

After being asked and explaining what I do many times, I finally decided to make a website about making websites. This is the essence of what I do. And there’s no reason at all that anyone else can’t do it as well. In fact it will even be much easier for you now that you have my guide.