10 Reasons You Should Consider Using QuickBooks

With so much financial software available for personal and business use, how can you decide which program to use? QuickBooks makes that choice easy. Here are 10 reasons to choose the popular accounting solution.

QuickBooks goes beyond accounting to total financial management. Credit: Intuit, Inc.
QuickBooks goes beyond accounting to total financial management.
Credit: Intuit, Inc.

1. Tried and Proven

QuickBooks is a financial software program that has been around for many years and is used by many accounting firms. Over the years, support for new users has become widely available in the way of classes, workshops, webinars, DVDs, and books. You won’t have to go it alone if you choose QuickBooks.

2. Software Compatibility

Financial software that is compatible with other programs for project management, time records, or inventory will make the integration of your total business enterprise solution quick and easy. Many programs now link to QuickBooks.

3. Customization

QuickBooks is easily customized to fit your business needs. It allows you to set up files and accounts that make sense for what you are trying to achieve with your business, rather than fitting into one mold. There are even 3rd-party tutorials for various industries that will help you take into account the particulars of your unique business process.

4. Time-Saving Tool

QuickBooks has been designed to automatically handle many tasks and saves information for repetitive inputs. It’s one of the great time-saving features of the program, which is key for an individual or small business that does not have accounting help.

QuickBooks can bring success to your business! Credit: imagerymajestic via FreeDigitalPhotos.net
QuickBooks can bring success to your business!
Credit: imagerymajestic via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

5. Online Invoicing and Payments

QuickBooks can help improve cash flow by quickly getting invoices to customers and accepting online payments. One process can ensure your customers are billed in a timely manner, and the integration to your website and email also increases efficiency.

6. Merchant Account

It’s easy to accept credit cards with the QuickBooks Merchant Account Service. While there are merchant fees you have to pay associated with customer credit card use, it is a strong sales tool that increases revenue. Payment goes into your account quickly and does not require dealing with check deposits. Reports also make it easier to track revenue.

7. Links to Banks

Participating banks make paying bills online quick and easy when linked to a QuickBooks program. A nice feature is that your monthly online bank statement can go directly into your QuickBooks account to speed up data entry and ensure accuracy.

8. Cost-Effective Bookkeeping

QuickBooks is an affordable program that can make bookkeeping more cost effective. A small business can start with QuickBooks rather than hire a bookkeeper with all the associated employment taxes and benefits, and it never takes coffee breaks.

9. Business Status with Reports

The beauty of QuickBooks is that it is not just an accounting program, but rather full financial software for managing a business. Reports can be structured to give you instant information about the state of your business operation. Profit and loss, gross and net margins, and any myriad of reports can help you know what you need to do to correct any situation.

10. Business Planning

Again, QuickBooks goes beyond accounting functions to help with the entire business operation. You can plan for the future utilizing the reports you require. For credit applications or line of credit reviews, you can create balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and statements of cash flow in customary formats that bankers and loan officers are familiar with seeing. It can be the difference between getting or being denied the capital you need to see your business grow.

With years of experience and support, QuickBooks is a strong contender in the financial software market and should be one of the first programs you use for managing your business.


Sarah Boisvert is a business writer who has extensive experience in marketing, public relations, and sales. She also covers topics in manufacturing such as 3D Printing and digital fabrication.

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