3 Popular Online Backup Services

If you are interested in using an online backup service to backup the important files or documents on your computer, you have probably realized that there are a great number of online backup services out there, so choosing one might be a little overwhelming. However, there are three online backup services that have been ranked the most popular — .mac, ibackup and backup.com. With these three services you can be assured that your files are safe and secure, always. And for a reasonable price.

For Mac users, the .mac online backup service is an ideal choice. This service is not only affordable at only $99 a year for unlimited storage, it also has other services that you can benefit from. For example, if you own an Apple computer you can use .mac’s outstanding service for free for two months! Not only that, you will receive a $30 discount on subscription. Even though this service is primarily for Mac OSX users, Apple also provides software tools for Windows users. All in all, if you are an Apple user .mac is ideally the best option for an online backup service.

If you are someone who is in need of a lot of space for your files, Ibackup.com is a great option. Ibackup.com is the original king when it comes to an online backup provider. This particular service has several plans that are available for a low monthly price. For example, Ibackup’s economy plan is available for just $9.95 a month, which includes 5GB of storage, which is more than enough for thousands of your files. No matter what plan you are interested in, Ibackup will provide all users with a 30-day free trial.

If you are someone who simply wants to backup a small amount of your files, Backup.com is probably the ideal option. This service has a variety of plans that will meet the needs of the computer user. On top of that, their plans start out at a measly $4.25 a month, which includes 50MB of space. So, if you aren’t in need of a massive amount of space Backup.com will definitely give you a bang for your buck. All of their services will provide users with a decent amount of online space to store their personal files or back them up.

All three of these online backup services are great options, so you will simply need to consider which one will suit you most. You will need to think about how much space you will need in order to backup all of your important files and how much you can afford per month. However, regardless of how much space you need or how much you can afford each service is quite convenient and will ensure to keep your files safe and secure.

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