3 Ways to Boost Your Marketing Efforts Without Resorting to Taking Out a Loan

Stop, drop, and roll! Oh, wait! That’s the mantra for what to do in case of a fire, right?

Brand Buster: Don’t let your budget burst into flames either. The same three directives can keep your money in the bank while your brand expands at the same time. Put the business loan on hold for now, and give these efficient and effective marketing tools a shot.

Stop wasting money on marketing efforts that don’t pay off in a big way. Free is the best price tag, and these social media sites work for you if they are managed by someone who is cool.

Yes, there’s got to be a bit of the cool factor here. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and Tumbler all need some hip language, great hooks, fun wording, and some eye-grabbing visuals. That’s just the fun stuff right there. Who wouldn’t want that task? These are fantastic opportunities for interns to shine, and take note: Interns are usually quite the go-getters and they can come up with some really great ideas.

Tap into your local college, and provide a short post for them to blast through their Career Center listserve. Suzie and Sam Co-Ed will come running, and you’ll get to pick from a vast array of personalities. Have them do a test posting, and of course, take these ideas right to your website and social media sites for testing. Social media has never carried so much weight – and it’s free.

Drop the price of one product and blast it on these social media sites, in your stores, and on your own website as well. This one’s popular, and we all know about it: Create the buzz by giving the customer an extra 5% or 10% off the product once they post your ad on their Facebook (or whatever) page. Once they do, they can click on the link that gives them the little added bonus, and then voila, you’ve got them shopping for your brand for even more products, and all of their friends and LinkedIn connections and tweeters and Pinterest and former Cub and Girl Scout pals will be following their friend, the pied piper. All of this adds up to great messaging and brand awareness.

And then …
Roll out that rolodex, or—er—your contacts list. Listen, this is the best way to start. Really. You’ve got a lifetime of contacts. Now’s the time to tap into them and get them talking about what you’re up to. They all owe you one; now’s the time to collect. Making a contact with a pal at a well-known company that wants to make even a small order provides you with the ability to share on one of your social media sites: “HEY! We just made a fantastic sale to The XYZ Company.”

Or better yet, get some fancy folks using or talking about your products or services. A little notoriety never hurt anyone.

Get that ball rolling, and then, if you really need to, you can tap into a small business loan to grow these ideas even more. Get the branding buzzing on your own first! You’ll get some energy and momentum going, and then after that? The sky’s the limit!

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