4 Mobile Apps Ideal for Accepting Customer Payments

It’s no secret that merchants who find ways to please customers have an advantage over those who do not. Putting customers in control of how and where they make payments is a terrific way to please them.

Mobile payment processors give you more control over your business while giving customers on-the-go payment options.
Mobile payment processors give you more control over your business while giving customers on-the-go payment options.


Many consumers are cautious not only about the things they spend money on, but also about ensuring that their transactions are handled in a fast and convenient manner. In addition, customers of today are aware that credit card transactions should be processed safely and securely.

With these things in mind, merchants should choose mobile credit card processing apps very carefully. Not only is it important to make the payment process simple and transactions fast, but it is vital that the process is handled in a secure fashion.

Choosing an App

When choosing an app for processing mobile credit card payments, it is important to first learn about the options available. This gives you a basis for comparison. From that point, you can better determine which options best meet the needs of your business.

In most instances, it is wise to stick with a recognizable brand name. However, you should know that the fees charged can vary from one product/company to another. Always investigate monthly fees as well as swipe or transaction fees charged. You should also know that contracts are a requirement with some companies.

Check Out These Apps


Square allows you to accept major credit card payments on-the-go. The reader is attached via the headphone jack of the phone, and there are two pricing plans available. The transaction data is encrypted and secure; remote servers are used. This ensures transactions are secure.

Intuit GoPayment

The Intuit GoPayment app is a fast and convenient payment option. This app lets you do everything from accept payments to send customized receipts. Plus, this app has additional features that let you run reports, collect tips, and manage tax rates. Multiple users can be on a single account and the app can be synced with QuickBooks. The swipe feature is encrypted.

PayPal Here™

PayPal Here™ makes it possible to accept payments from debit cards, major credit cards, as well as PayPal payments. Funds collected will go to your PayPal account. The app also makes it possible to send invoices to customers. This app functions via an encrypted card reader.

Let’s face it, everyone likes choices!
Let’s face it, everyone likes choices!


PayAnywhere is a fabulous mobile payment option. It allows you to accept payments from major credit cards, and if the charge is less than $25, the customer’s signature can be waived. You can track tips, discounts, as well as cash payments. Customized receipts can be sent to customers via email or text.

Moving Forward – Think Options

Customers want convenience, and the businesses that can provide that convenience will not only survive – they will thrive. Convenience is usually defined in terms of options.

In order to stay competitive, small businesses have to keep up with all types of business trends and technological advances. This ensures the business can offer what customers want and expect, including the latest in payment options.

Payment processing is just one way you can add convenience for your customers. What are some other ways? Please share your ideas in the comments.


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