5 Apps to Help You Keep Track of Your Business Revenue

Keeping track of this can be more convenient than you think
Keeping track of this can be more convenient than you think

Running a business requires a massive amount of effort, but there are many tools available to aid in certain critical components of your business endeavor. One such critical component is in tracking revenues on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis. It is important to many owners to have real-time revenue updates, and it’s certainly important for all business owners to review their revenue status on at least a monthly basis.

There are some fantastic applications available for tracking your revenue with any frequency. Here, we’ll explore five of them.

Netsuite.  The Netsuite app is not only able to track revenue, but it’s a mobile CRM system. Know at any given time the status of existing accounts, what a customer has most recently purchased or purchased in a lifetime, and whether they are overdue on an invoice. In general, with the Netsuite app, you have the ability to track all customer transactions and have a window into the resulting revenue in real-time.

Intuit GoPayment. This point of sale app allows you to easily track your business’s revenues in real-time. Not only does it allow for easy card swiping once you plug in the card reader, but it allows you to review your entire team’s sales at any given time. It is far less cumbersome than typical card readers and allows your team to sell anything at any time, in any place.

With everyone using this POS app, revenues will improve, as customers aren’t limited by a small number of cash registers (recall your last visit to an Apple store where this POS service is applied). Salespeople can also use it on the road with convenience.

Quickbooks Mobile. The Quickbooks Mobile app acts just like the desktop version, only with a higher level view of customer and vendor information. This includes open invoices, revenue

Keep track of business revenues real-time with a mobile app on hand
Keep track of business revenues real-time with a mobile app on hand

at a glance, current payables, and many of the other great features that the desktop version of Quickbooks offers, all conveniently located on your phone.

Fitness Business Ninja. This app is a bit more niche, delivering a business management and revenue tracking solution for those in the domain of fitness. It includes great customer service features like automated reminder emails for customers and their appointments, the ability to assign trainers to a customer, management of nutrition programs for your customer, and so much more.

MobileFrame. MobileFrame allows for customized mobile solutions for sales forces and provides real-time customer information (sales history, invoice status, etc.). It also supplies the back office data that is constantly subject to updates, helping to better inform sales in the moment most critical to closing a deal. Revenue can also be viewed and managed in this app, as it is fully customizable and can be applied to many different industries.

Tracking your revenue is a critical part of the business process–you want to understand where you are in relation to your forecast, thus determining the health and viability of your business. This is important both for you as well as for potential investors who have an interest in this information.

By leveraging one of the aforementioned apps, you can do this with whatever frequency makes the most sense for your business.


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