5 Basic Items That Will Drive Former Customers Back to Your Business

retaining past customersAre you used to seeing new clients walk in the door but never return again once they leave? This can be a frustrating situation, since a loyal and repetitive customer base is what drives a successful business. Here are some items and ideas that can help you ensure those customers come back a second time.


Promotional Items

One of the most obvious ways to drive former customers back to your business is with promotional products. These items can be anything from a branded t-shirt to a promo pen. The promotional product needs to be something the customer will actually use as well as something that will be seen consistently to remind them of your brand. Promotional commercial calendars are a great choice because your clients will refer back to a calendar often, giving them repeated exposure to your brand. Check out the US state calendars from HALO for some unique options.



Another way to bring back former customers is with mailed coupons. While using emails is usually free, your message could get lost in a junk folder or the recipient may not have access to a printer if on a mobile device. A mailed coupon ensures that the previous customer has a tangible form of savings in their hands and gives them another reason to visit your organization again.



The chance at winning something always drives people in! Whether it is a sweepstakes that must be entered in person, a raffle ticket purchased at your business or a game of sorts, your company can’t lose. If a client thinks there is a shot at getting something for free, they will be there!



Two words: free food. Offer a cocktail hour, pizza or a barbeque, and former clients will not be able to arrive quick enough! Remember to cater to your target customer, though. For example, a cocktail hour would not be ideal for a family type business.


Thank You Card

Nothing says sincerity and customer service like a handwritten thank-you card. It is common courtesy and personable. Send one after each client spends their money with your company. It will be well-received and they will remember your hospitality.


In summary, getting that “first date” with a customer is easy. It’s when they return to your business that you know you are doing something right. By adapting some of the above items and ideas into your business strategy, your company will be well on its way to seeing customers again and again.

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