5 Examples of How Using the Wrong Business Phone Service Could Lose You Customers

business phone serviceBusinesses, large and small, are all trying to cut costs and save some money. Some ways are great money savers, but others can actually lose you money in the long run.

The old adage “You pay for what you get” holds true in many circumstances. Phone service is one of them. Even with all the Internet options, it’s still vital to have a good phone service. Using the wrong business phone service can actually lose you customers, so those few dollars you save can cost you big bucks.

Here are some examples of how this can happen:

You never get the message

With a poor service, you may never get a message or an order. If you’re not receiving the questions, you can’t provide the answers. Not only can this lose you an order, but it can also lose the customer. With the way word of mouth goes and the importance of keeping clean reputations, one lost order can lead to the loss of multiple potential customers.

Your lines are tied up and customers can’t get through

Cheaper services may not provide the necessary multiple lines your business needs. Nobody wants to sit on hold for any length of time; they end up hanging up and taking their business elsewhere. With a good provider, you can have multiple lines and good operator functions. No more angry customers who have been on hold too long.

You don’t have a good long-distance carrier

Many of your calls may be coming from outside your local calling zone – you need a good long-distance carrier. If you don’t, you risk the loss of new customers and losing possible profits. You want to make it as easy as possible for any prospective as well as current customers to get a hold of you, whether to place an order or ask a question.

Your service provides poor quality

A business phone service needs to be of high quality to show that your business is high quality. Using a cheap or low quality phone service can lead to losing some customers who are dissatisfied with the service that can be construed as being representative of the business itself. Be sure to look for a very high quality business phone service.

Your “phone tree” is too long

Just as no one wants to wait on hold for any length of time, people really want to speak to other people. If your customers have to go through too much rigmarole to get to a human being, they’ll hang up in frustration. With a good phone service, you can cut out a lot of the phone tree frustration. Getting to your customer quickly can speak volumes for your business.

Customer service is a huge part of a business, large or small. Customers have to get in touch with you, and though the Internet is great, a phone call is necessary every so often. You want it to be as easy as possible for your customers so they will be pleased and continue to work with you. A good business phone service can do wonders.

Heather Legg is a blogger who writes on small business practices, parenting tips, and Internet safety.

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