5 Pointers for Finding a Great Freelance Editor

Well-written materials create a strong competitive advantage for any business. Whether website content, ads, brochures, or blog posts, writing that captures the potential customer’s imagination will drive traffic to your eCommerce site to increase sales and generate profit.

Most higher education today emphasizes our specialty field and does not give the kind of training that professional writers receive. While you may be an expert in your particular area, writing about it may not be your forte. Recognizing that successful business owners should concentrate on what they do best, it makes sense to look into how a freelance editor can help you bring your written materials to the next level.

A professional editor can help relieve your writing stress!

There are a number of things to consider when looking for a great freelance editor. Here are five pointers to help get you started on a path to writing excellence!

Choose a Professional Editor over an Industry Expert

If you are looking strictly to improve the quality of your writing, stick with a professional editor over an industry expert who happens to write. Knowledge of the field is not necessary to correct grammar and sentence structure, and a professional editor will not try to influence your content in another direction.

That said, a professional editor can help make your content engaging for the reader without getting bogged down in technical details. You will have to work closely with the editor to be sure that technical nuance is correct, but it’s well worth it to keep your company’s perspective shining through.

Match the Editor with the Media Outlet

Writing ad copy or headlines is somewhat different than writing magazine or trade publication articles and educational blog posts. You might consider a separate editor for advertising work since the focus is more about being a sales pitch than education of the potential customer. Should an editor have experience in both areas, be sure to ask to see samples of each type of writing.

A good editor can elevate your ad campaigns!

Check References

It’s easy to check references for editors as you can access books, articles, and other materials on which they have worked. Ask for references to ensure business-like professionalism such as meeting deadlines. These references will be happy to share documents prepared by the editor.

Although the grammar may be accurate, be sure to get a feel for the style. If the overall feel is consistently too different from what you want to achieve, the editor will not be a good fit.

Write Out Your Expectations

It will be easier for the editor to successfully fulfill the job requirements if you are crystal clear as to your expectations. Writing out what you need as well as what you can afford will help you think through the process of defining the job.

Many editors are willing to edit a small sample of a few pages as part of the interview process. Seeing the before and after document is a sure way to determine if the editor’’s skill level meets your needs.

Look for the Seal of Approval

Several organizations maintain lists of pre-screened professional freelance editors, giving you a jump start on the search. Try the Editorial Freelancers Association or the Literary Marketplace. While competence will be assured, you’ll still have to be sure the editor is a good fit for your business.

Finding a great freelance editor is the first step to upgrading the quality of your business materials. By putting a little extra effort in the search, you’ll be assured new customers and better retention of your existing customer base.

Sarah Boisvert writes on a variety of topics from business to social media to travel. She has written profiles of Life as an Ex-Pat in the UK, businesses including Billfloat and MicroFactoryUSA.com, and personalities including Charlie Rose and Steve Jobs.

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