5 Software Programs to Make Payroll a Breeze

Jumpstart your slow payroll with easy software.

So, you’re the guy who doesn’t pay his employees. Sound familiar? Hopefully not. No one wants to be that guy. But if you fail to use an easy payroll software program, you could be that guy.

Payroll shouldn’t be a tedious chore of spreadsheets and calculations. It should be simple, and you should be able to manage your payroll from any computer. Most importantly, you should be able to pay your employees with the click of your mouse. Take a look as some of the award-winning software programs that make payroll a breeze.


The payroll software from Ultimate is one of the most flexible payroll service packages on the market. It offers packages for small businesses and large corporations. Some of the more popular features of this software include:

  • The ability to manage performance and gather feedback on your employees
  • Mobile features so you can conduct business anytime from anywhere
  • Time management features capture time and attendance information
  • Add tax features guard business from filing errors or tax filing errors
  • Portal feature gives business the authority to allow anyone to add or view information for payroll



The folks at Intuit payroll software strive to make paying employees easy. They offer packages that allow you to pay employees with either software, online, or with QuickBooks. Their best features allow you to:

  • Pay employees in three easy steps
  • Click to file and pay taxes
  • Use mobile payroll app to conduct business on the go
  • Add unlimited amount of employees
  • Track job costs by customer



Companies have used payroll software from NuView since 1975. NuView’s experience has enabled them to perfect the most important aspects of payroll solutions. Their award-winning software solutions include:

  • Real-time access to payroll information from anywhere at anytime
  • Powerful and easy-to-use report writer
  • Consolidated HR and payroll support
  • Access by employee or managers
  • Quick and secure payments and tax help


Simple Payroll

This software package is geared toward simple business with simple needs. Simple Payroll offers easy setup and other great options like:

  • Flexible payment options such as print paychecks directly from computer or use direct deposit
  • No payroll setup charges
  • Online 24/7 service to run Simple Payroll from anywhere
  • Payroll tax deposits and tax form filing



Workday Payroll provides a flexible, single-system record for employees, managers, and HR administrators. This software is described as a more modern approach to payroll solutions and offers popular features such as the ability to:

  • View and edit all data for a worker, including pay group assignments and tax elections, with a single click
  • Group workers into pay group organizations
  • View a snapshot of an employee’s total compensation for the pay period
  • Take a look at pay slips and take action on personal information
  • Have tax updates sent immediately to you


There is a payroll software program for every business size and need. It doesn’t take a genius to operate these software options, so there is no excuse to not find a payroll solution to meet your needs and make paying your employees a breeze.


Kim Wade is a freelance writer who writes about motherhood, blogging, and technology.

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