5 Tips for Beating the Websites as an Insurance Agent

insurance agentInsurance is a product that everyone needs at some point, but it can be tough convincing people to sign up right away. Many people view insurance as something that can be put off for a while. Your prospects are also heavily marketed to by large online insurance agencies with sophisticated websites. Competition for every lead is pretty stiff. To drum up more qualified leads, an insurance agent needs to come up with their own savvy marketing strategies.


Specialize in One Niche

Avoid making the mistake of trying to market to everyone. It is nearly impossible to compete with the big insurance giants who offer multiple products. Instead, pick one type of insurance and focus on specializing in that category. This makes marketing a whole lot easier. By targeting one slice of the pie, you can gain credibility as an expert in that area.


Build Relationships

Large websites may have thousands of visitors, but they are missing one thing – that personal touch. As an individual agent, you can meet people in their homes and businesses. Being able to sit down and have face-to-face chats with prospects allows you to get to know them. Your advantage is that you are establishing a relationship as a trusted agent whom they can depend on. This is how cold leads quickly turn into warm ones.


Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Set up a LinkedIn page and add as much information as possible in your profile. There are literally thousands of good prospects on this popular professional network. Simply by interacting with associates and joining groups, you can get lots of quality referrals.


Hand Out Promotional Items

Every time you go to an appointment, meeting, or event bring along some promotional products to hand out. These promotional products can be imprinted with your company’s logo and contact details so every time they are used by current and potential customers, you gain marketing exposure. Customized items similar to HALO Branded Solutions are an easy way to advertise your service. People will keep these items and use them or give them to others. You can reach a lot of people by handing out a few freebies. In addition to looking very professional, promotional products like these cause the name and company they represent to stick in the mind of the consumer.


Create an Email Newsletter

Send warm leads to a website page where they can sign up for your email newsletter. Offer a free report to get them interested. Once people are on your list, you can send out helpful information periodically.


When it comes to finding good insurance leads, popular insurance websites have a big advantage over independent agents. However, it is possible to beat these websites by marketing to prospects in a more personable and direct manner.

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