5 Ways to Grow Your Home Business

Would you like to be able to grow your home business through marketing, but need affordable ways to do it? There are some strategies that you can employ to expand your business that won’t break the bank. Below are five of the most successful and affordable ways to market yourself and your business.

#1 – Join the Community
Stop staying at home all the time trying to market your business. You also need to get out into the community and make sure that people know you exist. You can accomplish this by getting involved in community events — setting up a booth or table, for example. Or, you can contact your public library and set up a time to give free demonstrations of your products or service (don’t forget to bring your business cards).

#2 – Setup a Clean, Professional Website
Even when you’re out there in the community, our society is now so hooked up to the Internet that many people want to visit a website before they decided to engage you for goods and services. You can get started building a great site for very little money upfront if you know where to look.

#3 – Internet Advertising
PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is one of the cheapest ways to get local and national business. If you don’t have the need to go national, many people just use the Internet to search locally. Start with small PPC pricing packages and work your way up.

#4 – Change your Language
Let people know what you do, not where you do it. In other words, many people shy away when they hear you run a home business because they equate it with unstable. If you had a pottery studio on 53rd street, it’s highly unlikely you would tell people you had a 53rd street business. You’d most likely tell them you were a sculptor or that you created pottery. Remember, what’s more important is what you do, not where.

#5 – Find your Niche
If you write, look for places that could use a good writer and offer your services. If you sell antiques, find a local store that could use a little “antiques corner” and offer to set up a display. If you ask, you will often receive. Recently, a massage therapist asked her chiropractor if she would be willing to set up a referral program where they could send clients to each other to increase both their businesses. The chiropractor agreed, and now both their businesses are booming. But it never would have happened if the massage therapist hadn’t asked. Be open to finding your niche in the community, the Internet, or wherever, and ask to join.

These five tips are some of the least expensive ways to build your home business. Remember, strive for a professional look, be patient, and keep building business relationships. The old saying, “every stranger is a potential customer,” is true, and keeping that in mind can help you build your business on a small budget.

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