Affiliate Marketing – The Best Home Business for You

If you’ve ever hoped to make money from home, to escape the daily shuffle to and from work, you’ve probably thought about working from home. One wall most people hit is the fact that they just don’t have the money to start up a business, or they’re not sure where to start. Luckily, you can be an affiliate marketer with a small investment of $20 and start earning a real income in the first six months; one thing you must keep in mind is that it takes a while to find that magic product that performs for you, fine tune your site and marketing, and finally be able to quit your job.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

With the rise of the internet, business and the marketing world has been turned on its head. No longer does marketing of products have to be handed off to a massive and costly advertising agency; this task can be given to a small group of very motivated people who get paid on performance. Affiliate marketing is where you advertise someone else’s product, and when someone goes to the site or performs an action (signs up for a newsletter, buys a product, signs up for a trial, etc.), you get paid. It’s very simple, and you don’t even have to be a veteran marketer to get in on the game.

Why should I choose Affiliate Marketing?

The greatest benefit to building your business around affiliate marketing is the fact that you’re selling someone else’s product. You don’t have to pay to develop it, market testing to see how people respond, or any of the other messy stuff that goes along with selling a real product; all you have to do is tell people about the benefits and let them decide for themselves if it’s the right thing for them.

Being an affiliate marketer is a snap, you just insert your affiliate link into articles you write, your website, or even banner ads and you’re good to go. Anyone can get started with this without buying into an expensive program or trying to reinvent the wheel.

How do I get started?

Getting started as an affiliate marketer is a snap; all you need to do is pick which ad network you want to work with, sign up, and implement your advertising. Before choosing an affiliate network, you should do extensive research and check out reviews from marketers who’ve had dealings with them before.

When you’ve finally found a network you like, sign up and start looking at the products that you can promote. Be sure to pick out something you know about and that you feel comfortable promoting. If it feels too scammy or spammy to you, you should pass it by. Remember, if it alienates you, it will probably alienate your visitors, and you might even start losing traffic over it. Also be sure to pick something that has a commission that’s worth promoting. Many companies are new or have a bad product, and won’t pay you much to promote it. Don’t feel bad for sticking with a winner in the beginning!

Remember the saying “Niches are the key to Riches”!

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