Back in the Workforce? Five Must-Have Skills to Take up Today

Back in the Workforce, Five Must-Have Skills to Take up Today

If you’ve decided to reenter the traditional workforce, you should know that doing so can be the start of a fantastic career. At the same time, however, you should know that the globalization of the economy means that you’ll be competing with a wider range of people for jobs. In order to ensure that you are a marketable job candidate, it is important that you possess as many value-adding skills as possible. Here are the five must-have skills you should attempt to cultivate.

1. Customer Service

These days, more and more advertising experts are acknowledging the role that sustained interaction with one’s prospective clients plays in boosting conversion rates. And while many customer service professionals have mastered this art, these are not the only individuals who should be cultivating this skill set. In reality, almost every employee of any given business will interact with prospective clients at some point. Being able to do so with excellence and professionalism can help make you more valuable to the company that employs you.

2. Technological Proficiency

In a world that is increasingly reliant on technology, individuals who are proficient in using it are generally more-marketable job candidates. Since that’s so, you should take the time to gain proficiency in this sector. It’s not uncommon for employers to utilize web-based trainings such as Global Learning training to help employees master various skills. This means that you need to develop the ability to use technological tools in order to continue progressing in your chosen vocational field.

3. Marketing

More and more employers are realizing that marketing is the key to continual growth and expansion in the 21st century world. This is especially the case now that we live in a postmodern, global world where business owners from all over the world are competing for brand loyalty. With that idea in mind, employers are oftentimes quite eager to hire job candidates who have marketing skills, even if they don’t hold an official title like “Marketing Manager.” People who are able to effectively advertise the goods and services of the companies they work for will often find that employers appreciate this hard work-in the form of bonuses, raises, and promotions.

4. Effective Communication

The ability to speak, read, and write well is not just a gift. It is a skill that people acquire through time and practice. In a world where employees are being asked to master the art of technological communication (through mediums like Skype, texting, or tweets) in addition to traditional forms of it, the ability to communicate effectively is an increasingly valuable skill. Master it by attending communication trainings and reading diversely.

5. Time Management

People have a proclivity to waste time, and in the world of work this misuse of time results in the loss of revenue for business owners. In recognizing this reality, you should note that developing the ability to manage time more effectively can make you a valuable asset to your boss. There are several things you can do to master the art of time management. For instance, you can create goals that are time-bound in order to ensure that you meet deadlines. And if you’re really serious about mastering this important skill, consider attending formal time management workshops.


If you’re preparing to reenter the world of work, you should know that developing valuable skills can help put you on the path to career growth and development. By acquiring some or all of the skills listed above, you will improve your chances of gaining the promotions, bonuses, and raises that help you cultivate a positive personal and professional life. Good luck!

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