Choosing the Best Backup Method for Your Business

Every business needs a good backup plan. By that, we mean that your data and private documents are not going to store or protect themselves. But how do you determine which backup method is appropriate for your business’s needs? First, you need to determine what your storage size needs are. Consider a forecast of future needs, not just what you currently need to store.

What follows is a list of some of the best storage options depending on your size needs (and in order of smallest to largest capacity offering).

IT Manager Daily - Choosing the Best Backup Method for Your Business Pic 1There is a better way to store your company documents.


Box is a fantastic method for small businesses that are interested in storing documents which can easily be shared. Box allows you to create direct links into a specific folder without exposing other files around that folder—this makes sharing presentations with customers so easy.

There is also a helpful homepage panel that allows you to evaluate real time what your storage usage trends are (helping you identify when it might be time to upgrade!). Box allows for a 25GB storage capacity at $9.99/month.


Dropbox works much in the same way as Box does. Files can be uploaded and shared both within a business and outside of the business with customers and prospects alike. You can edit documents from within the system, allowing for version control.

Accessible via mobile device, desktop, or tablet, Dropbox allows for a 50GB storage capacity at $9.99/month. The helpful console allows for the monitoring of your business’s usage (on an individualized basis), so you’ll know when an upgrade is necessary.


Mozy is another great cloud storage offering and allows for a 125GB storage capacity at $7.99/month. Automated backups happen regularly, ensuring that your data is backed up even if you aren’t doing it proactively.

Customer services reviews aren’t great, but a higher volume of storage capacity is provided at a competitive price compared to many of Mozy’s competitors.

IT Manager Daily - Choosing the Best Backup Method for Your Business Pic 2Smart companies use the cloud for storage.

Just Cloud

This service offers absolutely unlimited and FREE storage to your business and is a cloud-based solution. There is a free mobile app, and you have the ability to access your files from virtually anywhere. Files are constantly backed up in the cloud using Just Cloud’s desktop application, and files to be saved can simply be dragged and dropped to the Just Cloud app.


This service offers unlimited storage at $7.95/month, and allows for easy backup of both PCs and Macs. You can access your files from your mobile device with ease, and files can be synced between computers easily. Livedrive offers military-grade encryption, which means that your files are as safe as they can possibly be!

Whether small or large, your business needs a strong backup method for files and data. Fortunately, there are many high-quality, low-cost storage options for businesses today. Deciding which one is best for you will have you considering many factors, including size needs, mobile requirements, and how much you are willing to spend on a solution.

Here is a very helpful tool businesses can utilize when trying to determine which offering might be best for their company’s needs.


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