Christmas Bonuses Your Employees Will Actually Enjoy

Many employees look forward to receiving their annual Christmas bonuses. Companies have a responsibility to ensure their employees receive bonuses they will treasure as a strategy in building employee loyalty and morale. These employee rewards will convey to employees that their service are needed and appreciated. There are various forms of Christmas bonuses employers can choose from. There are also businesses that specialize in helping companies with reward programs for example O.C Tanner is one of these companies.

Everyone wants cash. This need and want for cash makes this Christmas bonus a gift all employees will appreciate. Employees can use the money to buy gifts for their loved ones, food for Christmas dinner, pay bills or to simply save. Employers can give employees a percentage of their salaries or decide to give everyone the same amount.

Giving each employee a turkey or ham will make a nice Christmas bonus. The money employees would have used to purchase these expensive items can now be used for other needed things. If employees find they don’t personally need a turkey or ham, they can donate it to a family that does. This will make them feel as if they are helping a family experience a wonderful Christmas.

Employees will also appreciate paid vacation time as a Christmas bonus. Vacation days can be taken during the Christmas season or any other time of year. To avoid overlap, employers should ask their workers what part of the year they would like to take their vacation days.

Paying 100% employees health insurance benefits for the month of December is a Christmas bonus all employees with appreciate. Because health insurance can be expensive, employees will highly appreciate the savings for the month. They will also feel that employers value them not only as workers, but as human beings who need quality medical care to stay healthy.

Christmas bonus drawings are another good idea for giving Christmas bonuses. Employers can choose one high price gift, such as a car, exercise equipment, vacation package or computer. The rest of the bonuses can be cash. During an annual Christmas party, an employer can draw an employee’s name to win the high price item, while the other employees receive cash. Employees will be excited to come to the Christmas party in hopes of winning the great Christmas prize or cash.

Gift certificates make great Christmas bonuses. They can be for restaurants, shopping malls or individual retail stores. If the company giving the gift certificate is a retail store, employees can receive gift certificates for shopping at the store where they are employed.

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