Ensuring Your Business Emails Get Read

Sending business emails is trickier than it sounds. Besides being pressured for time, recipients of business emails receive upwards of hundreds of emails per day. This makes it next to impossible to read each and every one, which means you have to make your emails stand out in a meaningful way.

In other words, rather than making your email appear spammy or difficult to read, it should appear to be a valid business correspondence that gets straight to the point and that is worth reading.

Do your business emails get read?

Begin With the Subject Line

The subject line should be your first point of focus. Use this line to let the email recipient know what the email pertains to. Be as clear and direct as possible. For example, a focused and clear subject line follows: Action Required; Invoices Due By June 30.

This subject line defines what the email is about as well as the fact that action is required; it even includes a date. Obviously, the body of the email will provide details about the process. However, the message is clear; even without opening the email, recipients will have a good idea about what they need to do.

Provide Specific Actions and Due Dates

As demonstrated in the subject line example provided above, you should provide actions as well as due dates when applicable. In the example provided, the email recipients are reminded that invoices are due by June 30. It is very clear that recipients are responsible for ensuring that invoices are delivered to the sender.

Add Information, Attachments, and More

Emails are often sent without the intended article, image, or other document attached. With that in mind, always check to see that you have included all the necessary information. Take the time to proofread and to reread business emails before sending them. It can save you a lot of time and frustration.

Target the Right Audience

Sometimes it seems right to take the easiest course of action and just send your email to the masses. That way, you know the right people will get the message, but along with the right people, lots of wrong people will also be getting it.

This is damaging to your reputation, and on so many levels, it is just wrong to do. It adds to the junk mail that piles up in people’s inboxes, and it adds to the reasons people are so reluctant to open emails. Don’t do it.

Instead, take the time to carefully sort through your email audiences and group them. This makes it easier when you want to send emails that target specific groups or individuals. Plus, your emails are more likely to get read, and you will be more highly respected for sending relevant information.

If you use the right strategies, your emails will stand out.

Breaking it Down

Following the tips below will help ensure that your business emails will get read:

1) Use a clear subject line that includes an action and date if possible
2) Get to the point — be brief and focused in the email body
3) Be friendly, but professional
4) Ensure that the information is relevant
5) Proofread
6) Send to the right audience

The world is a busy place, and our inboxes prove it. The only way to ensure your emails will get read is to make them appear as important as they are. In other words, they need to stand out as having business value.

Use the subject line to get recipients to open your emails, and then hook them with the first sentence or two. The technique is much like writing an article, except you need to be as brief as possible.

Use attachments to expand on points and to ensure recipients have all the information needed. Always proofread, and before sending, ensure that the email is only going to the people who can use the information.

How Are You Doing?

Take the time to review the last 10 emails you sent. See how well you did in creating subject lines and decide if you always got straight to the point. Do a little research into which emails got better results. Please share your feedback here.

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