Facebook: Is its Value in the Business World Disappearing?

Many small business owners rely on the cost-effectiveness of social media venues to help them market their businesses.

Since changing its algorithm over a year ago and shifting its focus to advertisers, Facebook has fallen a few notches in the eyes of the business world. What used to be a go-to venue for business promotion and advertisement is being taken less seriously today by those in the business world. Likewise, fewer people are finding Facebook to be of value to them in comparison with other social media venues.

Considering all the changes Facebook has undergone in the past few years, a person has to wonder if the current dip in interest is just a calm before the next storm of excitement. It’s hard to predict what lies ahead with Facebook regarding business advertisements and promotions. But small business owners can work through the current lull in Facebook effectiveness without letting it effect their progress.

Facebook is one of many social media venues small business owners can use.

Why Is Facebook Losing Value?

  • Facebook Is Focusing on the Dollar.

    Over the past year, Facebook has shifted its focus from its users — who number in the billions worldwide — to its advertisers. While this might pad Facebook’s bottom line, it has hurt their credibility from the point of view of small business owners.


  • Too Crowded and Overwhelming.

    Open up Facebook at any point in the day and find a page full of advertisements, suggestions, updates and statuses, and more suggestions of “likes” and updates you should know about. What used to be easily scanned has now become overwhelming and clunky.


  • Nobody Can Keep Up with the Constant Changes.

    It seems Facebook is changing or “fixing” something every week. The old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” comes to mind.

Techniques for Maintaining a Strong Social Media Presence

  • Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket.

    It’s never wise for a business owner to focus all his or her social media marketing on one venue. Two to three venues should be used as part of an effective internet marketing plan. Facebook doesn’t have to be eliminated altogether, but until the tide flows in the right direction again, it might take a backseat to other venues such as Twitter or Google+.


  • Remain Flexible and Informed.

    Flexibility is the key to success as a small business person, and staying informed about Facebook and other venues helps.


  • Keep Up with Current News.

    Business owners should spend a few minutes each day keeping up with new developments in social media and other mobile technology. The cutting edge is a great place to be, as it can put a business owner in front of the competition while also helping him or her avoid the negative effects of changes in social media marketing.

Balance use of different social media marketing venues to avoid being grossly impacted when one takes a dive.

Working Through the Ebbs and Flows

Anyone who has been in business for a while knows that the business world constantly ebbs and flows. Something that’s successful today can become an instant flop next week.

Facebook has been around long enough now to have seen its share of ebbs and flows. It’s likely that an increase in value, usefulness, and popularity amongst the business sector will occur again. The question is when. In the meantime, a prudent businessperson must carry on with their marketing in spite of whatever Facebook has going on.

It’s unwise to place all of one’s eggs in one basket. Until Facebook’s value to small businesses increases, it’s best left as an extra to the marketing plan than the main focus.

Follow these tips in order to do your best to stay on the cutting edge of social media to use it to its full potential like Gary Crittenden has, without being severely impacted by the natural fluctuations experienced with different social media venues.

Janet Lilly is a full-time freelance writer who enjoys focusing on a wide variety of topics. She specializes in small business issues and profiles of prominent industry leaders.

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