Five Management Positions you Probably Haven’t Considered

These days, many people are opting to pursue careers in the field of management. Opting for this vocational path can be beneficial for many reasons, including the fact that pay is competitive and there are opportunities for promotions and raises. In many cases, people who opt to pursue careers in management are unaware of how many unique and obscure management positions are available. Here are five you probably haven’t considered:

1. Environmental Resource Management.

Because many people are only tangentially aware of environmental processes, they often fail to realize that proper care of environmental resources necessitates managerial procedures. Individuals who operate in the field of environmental resource management are responsible for managing the impact and interaction that individuals and societies have on the environment. However, individuals who operate in this capacity do not play a role in managing the environment. Rather, they seek to make sure that ecosystem services are maintained and protected for the generations to come. The field is thus linked to other sectors such as sustainability and environmental protection.

2. Social Media Management.

Although many people realize that social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook are great mediums through which to socialize and exchange ideas, it is also the case that many people use these forums to build their businesses. There are a plethora of different marketing campaigns that are being launched through social media channels, and making them successful requires effective management. Individuals who work as social media managers leverage platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Mobile Marketing, and LinkedIn to increase the visibility of a business.

3. Trucking Fleet Management.

Truck Fleet Management is another field of management that you have likely heard little about. Despite the fact that this field may seem obscure, it is very important. Individuals who work as truck fleet managers are responsible for ensuring and enhancing the efficient operation of a company’s transportation fleet. Effective fleet management includes a variety of different duties ranging from managing hours to maintaining driver safety and speed. This is a big job since you have to be able to manage drivers who are never in the same place at one.

4. Fitness Management.

Although most people are at least tangentially aware that recreation centers and gymnasiums exist to help people engage in healthy physical activity, many don’t know that someone works diligently behind the scenes to ensure that the facilities are run efficiently. To make it happen, fitness managers perform a variety of tasks such as analyzing existing services, designing and implementing programs, training clients, and supervising a staff.

5. Church Management.

Perhaps because many people view churches as spiritual communities, they forget that running a religious center also necessitates business acumen. It is for this reason that many if not most churches have a management staff that are responsible for a plethora of business-related activities. Although church management can be very rewarding, it can also be unnervingly complex as individuals with disparate religious values and work styles come together to make the church function at an optimal level.

If you are interested in pursuing a job in management, you should know that there are a variety of unique options available. By considering the list above, you may be able to pursue an unconventional yet rewarding vocational path which brings you great personal and professional success. If a stuffy office environment doesn’t interest you, there are still management positions where you can grow you career.

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