Five New Technologies That Will Make You Jump!

Five New Technologies That Will Make You JumpIf you are looking for a technology that will make you jump, you are in luck. There are numerous new technologies that are designed to impress. These technologies are on the leading edge and will make even the most skeptical buyer take a second look. Here are some that caught our eye.


1. Google Glass


Google Glass is a new technology that is expected to excite people and make them jump for joy! These virtual reality type glasses cause quite a stir because of their unique ability to deliver information directly to your field of vision. As long as you have high speed Internet, which can be obtained through your home phone provider, information will be available without carrying bulky devices. This technology can allow you to look up discounts for restaurants on the spot or discreetly watch television shows. Google Glass is a technology that is monumental.


2. Apple TV


Apple TV was one of those highly anticipated technologies that has impressed consumers and provided unexpected pleasure and convenience. Many people are trading in their old technology for the new Apple TV.


3. Unlicensed Band


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has a spectrum of channels that is referred to as white spaces. These unlicensed white spaces provide free broadcasting space that allows the signal to travel longer distances than WiFi. The signals are also capable of penetrating buildings and walls. Once the infrastructure is in place, this technology could bring wireless Internet capability to more locations such as parks and highways.


4. Auto-Focus with Lytro


If you have ever forgotten to focus a snapshot, you know how regretful you feel when you miss the moment. This technology allows photographers to adjust a picture after it has been snapped. The software took six years to develop, but it was well worth the wait.


5. Windows 8


Windows 8 is one of the best new visual interfaces available. Since it is optimized for touch screens on mobile devices, it provides incredible functionality for end users. With this technology, computers can provide the tablet experience on a PC.


These Five New Technologies Will Make Us Jump!


If you want convenience and efficiency, these new technologies can help you achieve this and more in your life. There are other technologies available that will help you, but these five are expected to make a huge difference in people’s lives. Keep your eyes open as the developments unveil.

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