Five Small Things that Will Make Your Small Business Memorable

vddcdcccdThe main advantage that many people associate with hiring the services or purchasing products from a small business is the personal experiences that they have with those who own the small business. These experiences cannot possibly be achieved at a larger chain and will therefore be one of the main draws that will compel a person to purchase services or products from a small business. This is an important factor in how well a small business does, and, as a result, it is important for small businesses to capitalize. This article includes five tips that will allow a small business to do so.

Personalized Items

One way to make sure that a small business sticks out in the mind of a customer is have that customer see the name of the business everywhere, or associated pleasant images with the business. Small businesses are able to have monogrammed checks with personality of the business or the person who owns the business. Small businesses can also have personalized business cards, pens, and other small items that can be passed out to customers to ensure that the business is in the customer’s thoughts.

Participate in the Community

Another great way that a small business can become memorable is for the person who owns it to get the business itself involved in the community. Donating items for the local high school’s fundraiser, providing assistance in volunteering projects, and participating in events will spread the news regarding the small business and have people in the community remember it more easily.


Decorating for the holidays is always an excellent way to draw attention to a business. Decorating can also bring in more customers and generate more revenue because, for certain holidays, decorations will put them in the spirit of the season. Sending out cards around the holidays, or general thank you cards, to customers who frequent the business also has the potential to make a small business extremely memorable.

Follow up with Customers

A small business, especially one that provides services, can lodge itself into the minds of its customers by following up with them after the services have been performed. This will resonate with the customer, showing them that the business actually cares about their experience and is dedicated to making those experiences better.

Go Out of the Way

One of the easiest ways to make a customer’s experience memorable is to go out of the way to actually engage him or her. This could involve always carrying any items purchased out to the customer’s car, remembering the names of regular customers, checking to make sure that the product or service turned out okay, and taking the time to converse with the customer.

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