Five Time Tested Marketing Strategies That Still Work

Keeping your business name before the public is an important part of your company’s growth and success. Smart marketing strategies can keep old customers focused on their positive experience with you and can bring in new customers to increase revenues.

Although the internet has changed the way businesses market their products and services, some time-tested strategies still work in today’s marketplace.

1– Promotional pens

The age of computers has not yet eliminated the need for pens for everyday use. Offering promo pens with a company’s logo and contact details imprinted on them has been used for decades as an effective marketing strategy for keeping customers connected. Each time they use the custom pen, they will be reminded of your business and the good service you provide. You can also use promotional pens during giveaways and contests or even when you are at an industry-specific tradeshow or conference.

2– Newsletters

Keeping your customers informed about changes in staff and improvements in products and services can keep the post-sale dialogue going and bring back repeat business. When customers do return, they are more informed about what’s going on and may be curious about the changes that have occurred since their last visit. Newsletters can also inform customers about the best ways to use and maintain products, information that can be of significant value to your customers. This strategy can work to your advantage year after year.

3– Reward Programs

Nothing gets customers interested in repeating their business like the prospect of getting something for free. A rewards program can offer small promotional products at no cost to the customer or free items with the purchase of a number of the same items. Rewards systems needn’t be complicated or expensive to implement. A simple punch card will do and will be a way to keep your business information right in your customer’s purse or wallet.

4– Wall Calendars

Even in the age of smartphones and apps, the wall calendar is still a useful way to keep your name before your customers throughout the year. Choose vivid pictures of subjects that are generally desirable to draw the eye to the calendar. Then, personalize your choice by imprinting your company’s logo and contact details on them. You can find good examples of great custom calendars that can be ordered online at

5– Community Events

One of the oldest and best ways to market your business is to stay active in the community. Sponsor a school sports team or purchase shirts for a bowling league. Get involved in local charity and fundraising events. Be involved in your community and people will respond by becoming involved in your business.

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