Five Tips For Dealing With An Upset Employee That Needs To Be Fired

Five Tips For Dealing With An Upset Employee That Needs To Be Fired

An unfortunate part of being a business owner or manager is having to tell your employees news that they do not want to hear. Many times, this news would have to do with termination or a disciplinary notice. Upon hearing this news, an employee may react angrily. Often times, the anger will be directed at you, the manager, or the business owner. In situations like this, there are clear steps that a manager should keep in mind in order to prevent a tense situation from turning into an explosive one.

Keep Yourself Calm

When dealing with an employee who is losing their temper, it can be easy for you as a manager to also give into the temptation to lose your temper. Your employee may be screaming at you and using profanities. However, the best thing that you can do in this situation to defuse it is to stay calm. Resist the temptation to raise your voice. The situation could escalate to the point where it would be in the business’s best interest to contact a professional, such as Donnell Law Group who could help you in a Newmarket family court. Find legal counsel to see what steps can be taken in order to protect themselves after firing a disgruntled employee.

Control Your Body Language

A good portion of the communication that we as humans have with others does not come from what we say, but instead it comes from the way that we carry ourselves. For this reason, it is essential that we make sure that our body language does not communicate frustration. The worst thing that a manager could do when dealing with a disgruntled employee is to point their fingers, roll their eyes, or put their hands on their hips. All of these things are defense and dismissive forms of body language.

Give the Angry Employee Their Space

Is essential that while dealing with an angry employee, a manager does not invade this employee’s personal space. Stay a respectable distance away from the employee, and do nothing that would indicate you are willing to encroach on their space. Avoid all forms of physical contact. This is true when dealing with aggressive body contact such as pushing or detaining the employee. It also applies to body contact that is meant to be assuring such as a pat on the back or a touch on the shoulder.

Give Your Employee The Respect They Deserve

While it is true that the employee being terminated may have violated some company policy, it does not mean that they deserve to have their dignity taken away from them. A good manager in this position would do whatever they could to avoid unduly embarrassing the person. Making an angry employee feel humiliated will only escalate their anger, thereby escalating the situation.

Listen to Your Employee

It is also important that a employee who is being fired receive the opportunity to explain themselves. Many times, angry employees are frustrated simply because they feel like their side of the situation is not being heard. Do not cut them off. Allow them to express themselves, and hopefully, this will calm the situation.

Dealing with an angry or disgruntled employee, especially when that employee is receiving a termination notice or a disciplinary notice, can be a difficult thing. At times, the situation may escalate to the point where a restraining order might have to be attained in court. However, some unfortunate situations can be minimized if the responsible manager or business owner takes precautions.

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