Five Ways Technology has Changed the Job Search

Knowledge is Power

Want to know more about the company you are applying for? Technology has made it as simple as visiting their website, reading online reviews from customers, clients and even current employees. Having this information at your fingertips not only helps you prepares for an interview, but can help weed out companies that may not be a good fit with your personality or skill set. Five Ways Technology has Changed the Job Search

On the flip side, technology has allowed companies to gain a lot of information about a potential hire before walking in for an interview. Social networks and search engines can produce a wealth of knowledge about a candidate before they step through the door. Always be cautious about posting information or pictures a potential employer may think are inappropriate and do a search of your name to see what pops ups.

Jobs on Demand

Gone are the days of waiting for the Sunday paper to wait to find jobs in sales. Almost every job listing can now be found online and there are niche job search sites that cater to specific industries. Looking to find jobs in sales? There are several websites specifically geared to available positions in this field.


By signing up with recruiters or job websites, you can receive qualified leads right to your inbox! It’s always great to be proactive, but it never hurts to see what people are actively sending you. It could be the perfect fit that you may have missed on a website.

Email has also changed how we apply for jobs. Rarely do you come across a position that wants you to mail in a hard copy of your resume. A digital copy of your resume is all that’s needed.


Want to job search at 1am on a Tuesday or send a resume at 10pm on a Saturday? You can do that now thanks to technology and the internet being “open for business” 24/7. No longer are we relegated to traditional business hours when searching for a new job.

Social (Networking)

Social networking sites such as LinkedIn have revolutionized the job search as well as how talent is recruited. By keeping your profile updated and connecting with as many former colleagues, friends and groups as possible, you will not only be aware of opportunities in your field of interest, but can be easily contacted when your qualifications match up with an open position.

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