Five ways to Grow Your Website

A website can make or break your online home business, so it’s important to set it up right, optimize it, and create an experience that visitors will enjoy. Once all these are accomplished, you can easily drive traffic to your site and convert visitors into income. Here we’ll be exploring the best five ways to grow your website, and how you can easily implement them to see results.

Put your best face forward

I’ve seen many websites over the years that were filled with fantastic content, but looked amateurish or something designed on Geocities. Think of your website like it was a real world place people visit; you want it bright, clean and everything within reach for your visitors to examine. Check your site for broken links, broken images, and outdated content. Put your best face forward to the world and people will return again and again.

Understand your Competition

If you’re unsure about where to start, you should check out your competitions’ websites. Niches are extremely competitive, and you can always gain something by understanding the more popular sites in the area. Never copy exactly what they’re doing, but take note of their more popular features; do they provide critical reviews, do they have a certain way of lining out information, what kind of shopping cart do they use? These are all questions you can answer for your own business by looking around and researching your competition.

Provide Interesting Content

Content is what drive traffic, no bones about it. You can have the most well designed website in the world, but if your content is lacking people will keep moving on to another website. If you want to bring people in from Google, and keep what traffic you do have, you need great content. Use the free Google adwords tool to see what kind of content brings people to sites like yours, and being crafting content that will entertain and inform. If you’re not good at writing, you can easily hire a freelancer who knows how to do this for you.

Make the Shopping Experience Great

Just like when you have a real store, your online store needs to be easy to use, with pictures and extensive product and service descriptions. Let them know about all the benefits of the products your selling, and let people who’ve bought it already leave reviews so you can become a trusted source.

Reach out to your customers

You want your customers to know that they can get ahold of you if there’s a problem, and that they can interact with you when they want to. Create a contact or about page on your website so they can get in touch with you. Add a blog to your site, hold contests and talks with your customers so you can get feedback and input on things that would make your site better.

Now that you know five great ways to grow your website that are cheap and easy to do, you can start the ball rolling!

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