Grammar 101: Why is it So Important in Business?

In this world of quick texting and tweeting, it’s easy to let grammar slip. But in a professional setting, good grammar is very important for business. Here’s why you should be paying attention to good grammar for your business.

Using Grammar checkers are important when writing.  Credit: Stuart Miles via
Using Grammar checkers are important when writing.
Credit: Stuart Miles via


Poor grammar projects an image of not caring about our work or our customers. All word processing and email programs now have auto-grammar and spelling checks, so it is easy for an error to be flagged. Ignoring the warning and not correcting a grammatical mistake says, “I don’t care.”

In this competitive business environment, customers know they can find another supplier very easily. You will be able to retain customers, and even command a premium, if the business communication says, “I care about customers,” even in little ways.

While in most businesses there is really no direct correlation between using good grammar and your actual work, customers make the unconscious leap that someone who can’t write well obviously cannot produce anything else well. A good car mechanic or fitness instructor doesn’t need to write like a Nobel Prize winner, but poor grammar on a web site or in cost estimates sends a message of poor-quality work.

Create Authority

Customers are often looking to a vendor to bring a key solution to a problem they themselves have not been able to solve. They are looking for an authority in a field that they can trust to help them; the more a customer views a business as an authority, the more likely they are to hire that company.

If a customer feels they are “above you” in ability in any area – even written grammar – the authority position is undermined. The customer thinks, “Even I saw that mistake; how come this person says they’re smarter than me and missed it?” You can better maintain your position of authority if written communications say you have a strong command of the English language.

Even if you work in non-writing field, customers will judge quality of work by grammar.  Credit: Ambro via
Even if you work in non-writing field, customers will judge quality of work by grammar.
Credit: Ambro via

Message Clarity

Good grammar ensures clarity of the message you’re sending to a customer. This is especially true when writing advertising copy. Marketing departments with good grammar create ads and press releases that pull in the customer and give them reasons to purchase products or services. Rather than the focus being on catching a simple grammatical mistake, a customer responds directly to the advertising message.

Legal correspondence also requires good grammar. While your business attorney will be the one drawing up legal documents, cover letters and emails that are not written with good grammar will confuse negotiations.

Employee Standards

Communications from employees that are grammatically strong imply high standards in hiring workers. Usually companies that are able to attract the best and brightest employees are more financially stable and have better training programs across all areas of expertise.

Internally Improve Productivity

Good grammar is also key internally. Clearly written memos and directives for staff will ensure the job gets done just the way you want it to be done. Poor writing will confuse employees, and more time will be spent correcting than in actually writing the instructions properly the first time.

The little bit of effort it takes to check grammar and correct it is well worth the time and energy. Strong, concise communications ensure a business will have positive relationships with both customers and employees and assist in achieving goals.


Sarah Boisvert writes about business topics, especially California car insurance compliance, California real estate licensing, and social media marketing. She has spent most of her career in Silicon Valley.

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