How Google+ Is Creating Better Search Results

You’ve surely heard that Google is continuously improving its search algorithm so only the best results appear at the top. The changes over the last few years have seen business websites closing down or dramatically changing. Gone are the keyword stuffed pieces from 2010; in their places, you’ll find original, high-quality content.

The changes don’t stop there. Google+ is helping to create better search results with Google Authorship.

Easy Home Internet Business - How Google Is Creating Better Search Results
What Is Google Authorship?

Google believes that great content comes from great writers. That makes sense. If one writer has already proven to offer searchers quality content, surely they will do it again and again. The trick is to reward them for that. Google Authorship does just that. When Google sees that a piece is from an author it already rates, that piece will rank higher in search results.

Authorship also allows readers to know who truly has authority. When you think about novel writers, one of the most prolific is Stephen King. He wrote under the penname Richard Bachman for some time, but once it was confirmed that the writer was Stephen King, “Richard Bachman” sold more. Everyone already knew Stephen King could write and entertain.

The same applies online. If people see the same name over and over again, they know what quality of content to expect. Ideally, they want to read more from the same person, and Google Authorship makes that easier.

This Is Not Author Rank

There has been a lot of discussion lately about Author Rank. The idea of Google Authorship is to make search results better. When a specific writer is identified as the writer of a piece, Google displays the name and photo next to the search term. The people searching instantly see who wrote the article and whether they might recognize the name from anywhere else.

Author Rank is part of Google’s new algorithms to determine whether a piece of content is worth sharing. This is the part that helps determine your place in search engine results, but there is still little known and understood about it.

Making Business Writers Stand Out in Searches

Google+ makes search results better for the writer as well as the reader. By having your photo and name next to the result, eyes are instantly drawn to it. Within the mass of links, people are more likely to click on the one with the picture. It is more colorful and enticing.

There is also a byline within the search. This doesn’t happen with normal searches — you have no idea how prolific or who the writer is until you click the link. Google Authorship shows the number of Google+ circles a writer is in to prove the authority they have over others within the same search terms.

More By Author Expands Searches Easily

There is also a “more by [author name].” When people click on this, they are taken to a screen that has everything that author has written within the same keyword terms. For example, if someone searches for “internet marketing,” clicking on “more by” brings up a list of articles that author has written on internet marketing.

Those who are looking for information will get more than they can dream of with a normal Google search. They can find the answer to all of their questions. They will also find content much easier, which increases click through rates and reach. Less work for the user and more relevant content make one excellent experience.

Google Authorship is relatively new, but something everyone needs to learn. It increases your authority and credibility on the internet, while offering a better experience for the searcher. Your business content will be found easier and will stand out more in the search terms than anyone without Google Authorship.

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Alexandria Ingham is a freelance writer with experience in technology, internet marketing and profiling prominent businesspeople such as Bobby Kotick.


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