How to Choose the Best (Royalty-Free) Images for Your Business Blog

Photos and images are a great way to give readers a break from text-heavy content, and they make an article visually appealing. Business owners don’t have to spend a fortune on royalties just to use an image in their blog. Several options are available that provide royalty-free images either for free or at a low cost, both with or without the need to give credit to the author. There are also subscription options available for bloggers who require images on a more frequent basis.

Don’t Break the Bank

Finding an image to use within a blog doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. Sites like Wikimedia Commons provides users with access to over 17 million media files including images, sounds, and videos. It may take some searching to find the right image, but it’s always a great place to start before looking through the more expensive options. Blog owners can either search through files using keywords, or simply browse through the different categories. Some images may require credit for use, so keep that in mind when choosing a photo.

Other sites like Flickr: Creative Commons and Stock.XCHNG also provide royalty-free images at little to no cost.

Search through creative commons images before resorting to subscription services.

Buy a Subscription

For blog owners who want to use consistently high-quality images within their blog, several providers offer daily, weekly, and monthly image downloads. Although not free, business owners can be assured that the images are legal to use and will look great, too.

Several providers offer royalty-free subscription options like Shutterstock, 123rf, and Getty Images. Most images can be used an unlimited amount of times on a variety of sites, great for business owners who run multiple blogs or websites.

Choose Images That Enhance the Blog Post

There’s nothing worse than reading a great blog only to find the images have nothing to do with the content. Keep readers happy by choosing images that enhance and add to the topic. Don’t include images just to include them. Make sure they are appropriate, high-quality, and legal to use. It’s also a good idea to use captions below the images, but be sure to relate it back to the content.

If there are no images that stand out at first, don’t give up. There are dozens of services that offer royalty-free images, each with their own library.

Keep readers from falling asleep by breaking up the text with images and a bit of humor.

Own a Camera? Take Some Pictures!

There’s no rule that says blog owners have to purchase their images to be considered high quality. The easiest way bloggers can avoid spending money is by using images from their own library. Not only is there no question about the ownership of the photo, but it adds a bit of personality to the page.

Don’t feel like using a photo and have a bit of design experience? Infographics such as charts and diagrams can be used instead, and most of the time these can be created from scratch.

Choosing the right royalty-free image doesn’t have to be a chore. With just a little bit of work, business owners can find thousands of images for use on their blog. Keep the readers entertained and they’ll keep coming back for new content.

Brian Flax is an experienced freelance writer based in the Washington, D.C. area. He writes on a variety of topics including technology and internet reputation management services.

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