How To Find A Great Domain Name

You could have the world’s most stylish, informative and witty website, but you still need to register a domain name. The trouble is, all the best and most memorable domain names seem to have been pilfered already. Such an attitude is puzzling and wrong. Anyone with an ounce of creativity will be able to come up with a domain name that properly represents their company and website name. Yet businesses and regular people still manage to mess up the process. Here are some tips on choosing a great domain name.

Maintain Your Identity
Captain Obvious returns and tells you to keep your domain name as close to that of your website as possible yet Captain Oblivious wins with thousands of websites online which bear absolutely no resemblance to their domain name. For example, if you want to visit Facebook, you type in Everyone knows this and are so familiar with the URL that they type it in almost unconsciously. Had Facebook been called, do you think it would be quite as popular? Businesses lose sales because of this. Maybe your site is called Tasty Bakery but there is already a site called Using a domain name that doesn’t relate to your site will see people type when they are looking for your site, find a rival site instead and do their business with them.

If someone else has your name, find out who owns the name, get in contact with them and see if it’s possible to buy the name off them. This will cost more than buying a domain name in the usual way but the extra sales will be worth it. Alternatively, you could find a great domain name first, then name your website after it.

Keep It Short
It’s possible to have a domain name of 67 characters in length. While it may be fun to come up with such a lengthy name, it will do nothing for sales. The longer a domain name is, the harder it is to remember, which more or less ends your chances of being found. Consumers won’t remember your domain name just because you ask them to. It has to be short, snappy and memorable. Try and keep your domain name down to one or two words.

No Hyphens
It’s tempting to use hyphens as a means of distinguishing your site from the rest. However, names with hyphens in them are a pain to type. Also, if someone recommends ‘the lamp post dot com’, you will type in not Such a name will be ok if the search boxes of Google and other search engines are used, not so if visitors type in the URL.

Getting An Extension
.com is the most popular type of site so the odds are, the name you want is already taken in this form. .net and .org are not as popular but may be available. .com is desirable but it’s not the end of the world if you fail to get it. Also, if your business serves a particular region, you may be better off using a local extension. For example, American businesses can use .us while British companies can use

A domain name is a vital part of your online business. Careful and correct selection will greatly increase your traffic. Get it wrong and your site could remain buried under the other 175 million.

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