How to Get Tons of Links to Your Website

Getting tons of links to your website is essential if you want your website to do better with the search engines. Search engines will use links as a way to gauge which websites are more popular and will reward the websites that have more links by ranking them higher in the search engines results.

Knowing that you need to get tons links and then actually getting tons of links for your website are two different things. Getting lots of links takes work and time, a lot of time, but it’s something anyone can do to effectively promote their website. Here are some ways in which you can ensure a big buildup of links to your website and a higher ranking in the search engines as well:

• Request Links: An easy way to get valuable links for your website is by requesting them from other websites. To do this you simply need to find websites that are similar to yours and then contact the webmaster and ask for a link exchange. Notice that the word ‘similar’ is used. Exchanging links with websites that have no relevance to yours will do you no good. You should also pay attention to the website’s Google Page Rank as it is better to get one link with a Page Rank 5 website then it is to get five links with different zero Page Rank sites.
• Article Marketing: Another tried and true way to build up your website’s links is to conduct article marketing. You can write articles on anything that you desire, so long as it has to do with your website or something within the industry, and then submit those articles to article directories for no charge. As long as you stay factual and do not write an article that looks like an advertisement then most article directories will accept them for free. While you usually can’t put a link in the actual body of your article, there is always what is known as a resource box which allows you make a small statement about yourself or your website and include on link. Obviously with this method, the more submissions you make the better. Posting your articles to high quality article directories also helps a lot. The directories I use a lot are,, and, but there’s a much bigger list at
• Social Media Websites: Social media websites seem to be all the rage. Places like Twitter, LinkedIn, and FaceBook are no longer for aimless rants. Many people use these social network hubs to create massive amounts of links for their website. To take advantage of this strategy you simply have to be active and be sure that your posts always contain a link to your website in some way. The best part of using social media outlets is that, provided your information is thought provoking and insightful, you begin to build up a following. After awhile you will actually have a group of people just waiting for your next bit of information – containing a link – to be released.
• Web Directories: Having your website listed in quality online directories is another way to build links to your website. The key word here is quality, and most of the high quality web directories charge a fee to be listed. There’s no way around this obstacle – simply pay and get listed. It really does help your site to rank better in the search engines. I’ve seen a dramatic improvement in search results dozens of times with my websites. The best directories are the Yahoo directory, Best of the Web, and, but there’s lots of others listed at
• Press Releases: Releasing news reports about your website is a great way to build quality links to your website. Simply write a newsworthy story in neutral tone (don’t sound like you’re promoting your website) and send it to the media and if a reporter is interested in your news they’ll contact you to do a more in-depth story for their publication or newscast. You can get your story out to the world with numerous free press release services but, once again, the paid services do a much better job. See this list of top quality press release services.
• Professional Services: Numerous services exist to help you build links to your website. The costs and service levels are all over the board. One of the better, and more affordable, link building services I’ve found is Submitedge. They’re really not that expensive and they do reputable work. This is especially important in the world of link building because there are so many disreputable services out there that promise unrealistic ranking results. These companies often undertake activities that may get you a lot of links but they’ll also get you banned by Google. Any sort of automated link building service is almost certainly frowned upon by Google. Submitedge only does manual submissions and won’t get you in trouble with the search engines.

Link building is like anything else in that it takes some time and solid effort on your part to build up. However, once you do them your website will become like the popular kid in school as everyone will want to be involved with whatever it is doing.

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  1. I’d never heard of using press releases for links. Sounds far easier than sending out endless email requests for links that rarely get answered. Thanks for the tip.

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