In a Bad Mood? Tips for Not Showing it to Your Clients

Everyone has a bad day every now and then, especially when on the rollercoaster that is owning your own business. The trick is in making sure you’re not relaying your mood to clients, who expect good, positive customer service at all times.

So how do we manage ourselves through a bad mood, and not let on to our clients how cranky we are? Here are some good tips!

Grab a stress ball and squeeze it ten times. Do this before calling your client or speaking to him or her. Pour all of your frustration into each squeeze, hold it for ten seconds, and let it go. This can go a long way in reducing physical tension.

Grab a spot of green tea. Did you know that, after water, the most consumed drink in the world is green tea? Not only does the world love it, but there are significant health benefits, including stress reduction.

The Institute for National Healing reports that a compound found in green tea “can significantly reduce anxiety…(and) can increase alertness. The effect has been compared to a state of meditation.”

Take five and listen to some calming music. Sometimes all a hectic day needs is a bit of a breather. Turn down the lights in your office and turn up some music that is calming.

Have some green tea- the world will look like a better (or less stressful) place afterwards.
Have some green tea- the world will look like a better (or less stressful) place afterwards.

Push all other thoughts away and just clear your mind for a few minutes.

Have a snack. Sometimes we are tense or angry because we have low blood sugar. Be careful to listen to your body and have a healthy snack if you are feeling drained or frustrated.

Chew some gum. According to Men’s Fitness magazine, chewing gum can help relieve symptoms of stress. Subjects in a study conducted “experienced reduced stress and anxiety as well as increased alertness. They also had lower cortisol levels than the control group and exhibited better overall performance.” So don’t chew gum in front of your client, but definitely do it before talking to them!

You’re going to laugh butthat’s the goal! Look at a puppy site or photos of puppies before you call your client the next time. This will cheer up even the grinchiest of moods.

Call your favorite friend before you call your client. Sometimes a quick call to one of your happiest of friends, or your sweet old dad, or someone whom you know will put a smile on your face, is enough to wipe away that bad mood and make you better off for the rest of your day.

Everyone has moments where they feel like a big crankypants. But as a business owner, it’s up to you to control those moments and to ensure that they’re not interfering with your business practices. There are many stress-reducing methods that can be applied when you feel that mid-day mood coming on.

Have a great tip for improving a bad mood during the work day? Let us know!


Cara Aley is a freelance writer who covers a wide variety of topics from how to find a title agency to online reputation management strategies.

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