Incorporate Video in Your Marketing Campaigns

There is almost no business imaginable that couldn’t improve with a basic but professional video element. A single, quality video can reach more people faster, pass in front of more eyes, and get your message across better than all other marketing elements combined. Statistics on the impact of video lead to one irrefutable conclusion: Video sells.

Here’s why you need a video element in your business.

There is no element that can reach more people faster than video.

Show Off Your Human Side

You work online at home, but that doesn’t mean the world can’t meet you without coming to your house for coffee. A video gives you an opportunity like no other to come out from behind the keyboard and put a face, a voice, a personality – a human being – behind the brand.

In a world of corporate juggernauts and press-one-to-be-transferred-again automated service, people love doing business with other people. You’re working hard, you’re honest, you believe in yourself and your brand – tell your story and introduce yourself with a video.

Social Media

Social media and video are a marriage made in digital heaven. When a video goes up on YouTube, catches fire, and goes viral, how do you think it happens? The video’s creator uploads it and then links it to his or her Twitter account and Facebook page. His or her friends and followers watch it, love and forward it to their friends and followers, and the dominoes keep falling until half of the planet has seen the same puppy on a skateboard that you kept hearing about all day at work.

This never happens with email or a newsletter or a blog post. There is only one category of media that has the ability to go viral – video. You have a Twitter account and a Facebook page, but without video, it’s like keeping a Ferrari in the garage.

Your Website

Potential customers or readers treat your website the way a potential boss treats a resume: At best, they give it a quick scan for the good stuff and then move on to the next one. A short, tight, 30-second video that’s well done and professional can pack more punch than all of the text and even photo content combined.

If you can only have one element, it should be a brief introductory video. It’s far more likely to be seen and, more importantly, to be remembered. A video element brings a stagnant website to life and gives it a veneer and sense of polish.

A video element can supercharge your business’s ad campaign.

A simple video uploaded to YouTube, linked to your website, and then cross-promoted through social media can take a marketing campaign that had plateaued and send it on a new trajectory.

Making video takes skill, and bad video is worse than no video. Hire professionals to do it right, and if you can’t afford that, proposition film students or recent film school grads to do it for a piece in their portfolio. But either way, get a video or get left behind.

Andrew Lisa is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles. He writes about video marketing and profiles top video platforms.

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