Inventory Done Right: 5 Steps for Organizing Your Business Warehouse

Inventory Done Right - 5 Steps for Organizing Your Business WarehouseA warehouse is essential for any company that needs to manage important inventory. Regardless of what you plan to store, it is necessary to find these items easily. Keep good records of the items in order to reduce theft, disorganization, and being late on shipments. Here are five simple steps to organizing your inventory.

1. Use the Alphabetical or Numerical Order System

One of the best ways to keep things organized is to sort them by letters or numbers. It is the simplest way to avoid spending hours looking for a single file. If new items are constantly being placed into the warehouse, employees will find it easy to manage the inflow and outflow.

2. Use Warehouse Management Software

Sort your products effectively with the use of warehouse management software. Most computer programs are easy to use, so the process is quick and convenient. Manage thousands of products on one computer. With a passcode, restrict access to the most trusted employees. A software tool is necessary if you want to run a secure, well-organized warehouse. Even if it costs a lot now, manually keeping track of all your inventory can take up a lot of your workers’ valuable time, so go digital today.

3. Organize Into Specific Categories

Sort the inventory into specific categories like type, brand, size, shape or any other grouping that works. Place the lightest items on the top and the heaviest items on the bottom. If necessary, bring in more shelves for better organization. Organize your warehouse by putting the most used items near the front and the less commonly used items near the back.

4. Make Detailed Lists

List all of the items that are brought in and taken out of the warehouse. Include a number of details like the type of item and the quantity. If you are overstocked, provide discounts that make it easier to move items out of the area. Look for damaged products that can be donated or discounted to clear up space.

Four Simple Ways Your Business Can Improve Your Inventory Processes

5. Find More Space

Warehouse workers need additional space from time to time. Extra Space Storage can store your excess inventory until you need it. You can use storage units to store inventory if you become backlogged. This can be a great temporary fix instead of having to buy an entirely new warehouse space.

Start organizing your warehouse and inventory processes with these five steps. Get your inventory back on track and back up to speed today.

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