Learning the Basics of SEO: Why it’s Important

It’s hard to have a business website or blog and not have heard of SEO yet. The fact is that most everyone has heard this internet marketing buzzword, but that doesn’t mean they understand what it is or why it’s important.

A business or blog owner doesn’t have to be a marketing whiz to learn the basics of SEO and how to use them to benefit the business. This cost-effective way to attract consumers and build recognition makes such good business sense that a business owner would be remiss not to learn a little bit and apply it to his or her business.

The use of SEO can take a small, local business and expand their customer base worldwide.

SEO Basics

  • Search Engine Optimization.
    SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” When used appropriately, SEO helps a website or blog rise in the ranks of search engine results, providing business owners and individuals with greater attention. The higher a site rises in the ranks, the more consumers are likely to find it while conducting a web search.
  • SERP.The results page that appears after an individual conducts a web search is referred to as the “search engine results page,” or SERP. Most consumers won’t sift through more than the first couple pages of results, which makes it imperative for business owners to have their sites rank as highly as possible.
  • Keyword Use.Search engines such as Google pick up on certain keywords as part of the process. For instance, if a consumer is searching for kid-friendly hotels in Chicago, websites or blogs that have used keywords like “Chicago kid-friendly hotel” in their content or title are likely to show up higher in the search results.

Why SEO Is Important

  • Increased Visits to Website.Show up high in the results, and the outcome will be increased visits to the business blog or website. As more traffic is driven to the site, there’s a greater opportunity of converting visitors to customers.
  • Rise in Sales.The goal of a growing business, such as a roofing company, copywriting firm, or retail store, is to increase sales. This goal can be met as a natural result of driving more traffic to the website through effective use of SEO.
  • Brand Recognition.As the business website or blog gains regular exposure and appears higher in the search engine results pages, the business will gain the recognition of consumers. Whether this occurs with select demographics or not, recognition of a logo, slogan, or business name helps consumers feel more confident about frequenting the business as a customer.

Regular SEO use is an effective building block for growing businesses.

Implementing What’s Been Learned

Reading about SEO is one thing, but to really get a handle on it, a business owner should take the plunge and start incorporating it into their website or blog. Start slowly, using a few keywords or product and service titles to aid search engine optimization.

As SEO is included with more frequency, using it wisely will become second nature. The rewards for using SEO come quickly; within a few days of implementation, a business owner is likely to find his or her website rising in search engine ranks. The good news is that when this occurs, consumers are more likely to find the business in search engine results, too.

Clearly, incorporating basic SEO is beneficial to growth and the bottom line.

Mary Ylisela is a writer and motivational freelancer coach who writes about social media marketing, being an entrepreneur, and business-building techniques.

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