Making Your Business Facebook Page Stand Out from the Pack

Believe it or not, on Facebook, it’s really not about how many likes you have; it’s more the engagement rate with your audience that counts. What this means is, you have to find ways to make your business Facebook page stand out. You need to get your audience engaged. Interaction is at the heart of succeeding with Facebook.

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Without engagement, those likes may not mean a lot.

The tips in this article are designed to help you make your business Facebook page stand out.

Tip 1 – Research and Testing

This includes a lot of testing to determine what will work best with your particular audience. For instance, you need to know when to post. Some target audiences may typically be online during the early morning hours, and others may be there late in the evening. In other words, there isn’t a magic time that works for every industry or niche.

You will also need to determine the type of post that works best with your particular audience. Many groups appreciate informative text posts, but others like to see images. With that in mind, it is often suggested to include a mix of both. But again, every business and audience is different. Research and testing is necessary.

Tip 2 – Analyze Existing Content and Data

Take the time to determine what content you already have posted that is doing well. This will help you define things you can add to your page that may also work. Keep in mind that just because a picture of your puppy was well liked and was spread throughout Facebook does not mean you should add hundreds of images of your puppy to the Facebook page.

Analyze which posts are getting responses and which are not. Use that information to make decisions about future posts.

Tip 3 – Make Them Feel Welcome

The “Welcome” tab is useful in describing a bit about you and your business. This page is an active page that can be updated constantly, which is exactly what is wanted if your goal is to keep an audience engaged. This is the perfect way to introduce the audience to your business and to include a call to action.

The Facebook “Welcome” tab can be used to introduce product information and link to your sales page or even to include a purchase button. Be sure to add some creative images that will catch viewers’ attention.

Tip 4 – Custom Facebook Page URL

A custom Facebook page URL will be easier for people to remember. That means you will be easier to find. Plus, it’s good for SEO purposes.

Tip 5 – Use the “Reveal” Tab

The “Reveal” tab is the page that becomes visible only after your page has been liked by someone. This makes the page very special and unique.

Tip 6 – Make It Interesting

Let’s face facts: It really is hard to be completely different. But it isn’t that difficult to make your Facebook page interesting. If you use your own content that is unique to you and you add interesting images, you are sure to make a strong first impression. And that is what really counts.

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Facebook can be used as part of your online marketing strategies.

Wrapping Up

You will have to do some testing and research to find exactly what works best for your particular business. With that in mind, it’s okay to be different; in fact, being different is a very good thing.

Have fun on Facebook, but remember that it is a serious marketing tool that can help your business reach higher levels of success. Engage and interact with your audience and build your Facebook page. You will have fun, and your business will grow!

Debbie Allen is an online marketer, content writer, and blogger. Besides writing about topics related to online marketing and finances, she also covers things like online reputation management.

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