Material Marketing: Six Reasons to Market with Gifts

Using promotional products or free giveaways to market a business has been a mainstay of the advertising industry for years. Recently, the online digital economy has been a big driver of this trend in the real world. Here are six compelling reasons why you should be using gift marketing to promote your brand.

Material Marketing, Six Reasons to Market with Gifts

Boosts Brand Recognition

The biggest reason why gift marketing is so popular is that it promotes your brand through objects that consumers use frequently, like personalized cups with straws that are imprinted with your company’s logo and contact details. Giving away physical items that constantly remind people of your business is just smart marketing. Promotional products can not only help you maintain your existing client base, they can also attract the attention of new clients.

Subconsciously Conveys Authority

People naturally choose to do business with companies that they perceive to be the top authority in their field. Obviously, results and a proven track record are the best ways to demonstrate such authority. However, branded gifts also convey a sense of confidence that consumers recognize. By showing you have the money to invest in these promo products, your company appears strong and established.

Increases Sales with Existing Clients

Another benefit of gift marketing is the immediate boost that it can provide to your bottom line. Giving away custom cups with straws that feature your logo actively reminds existing customers of your services and products on a daily basis. This leads to even more sales. Part of the trick is to choose objects that are practical and useful everyday items. Promotional products like these act as walking billboards, ensuring that you gain repeated marketing exposure every time they are used by recipients.

Attracts New Customers

Besides increasing sales to current clients, promotional giveaways can help you find new customers that might not be aware of your business. Helpful branded gifts that circulate throughout your local area are bound to catch the eyes of potential customers who can benefit from your services or products.

Allows For Lead Tracking

It may surprise you to know that promotional giveaways can actually allow you to determine the origin of customer leads. By imprinting unique pay per call phone numbers on your gifts, you can tell where your referrals are coming from and which gifts are most effective.

Highly Cost-Effective

The increase in revenue that you’re likely to see by using gift marketing will far outstrip your expense if you take the time to carefully plan a strategy before launching your promotional campaigns.

The most important thing to remember when crafting a gift marketing campaign is that giveaways need to be matched up with your target demographics. Furthermore, it’s crucial that you hand out high-quality gifts that are memorable. Remember those two guidelines and your gift marketing campaigns will achieve their desired results.

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