No Hidden Tricks: 4 Habits to Make Your Online Business Successful

QuickBooks can bring success to your business! Credit: imagerymajestic via
QuickBooks can bring success to your business!
Credit: imagerymajestic via

Succeeding isn’t some intangible mystery. An online business doesn’t need some silver bullet or magic beans to be profitable. Making money online is simple. Consistency and good habits are the ultimate tools for building success. As an online business the methods are slightly different, yet very easy. Here are the top four repetitive tasks you will need to follow in order for your online business to succeed:


1. Stay Active


Obvious, right? Still very important, regardless. Online consumers associate consistent activity with legitimacy, reliability, and trust. Post daily updates, keep inventory stocked, and run discounts. People want to know you’re reputable and since they aren’t walking into a storefront, your job is to prove that reputation in other ways, namely being active online every day. If people see a website that isn’t up to date they’re less likely to want to buy from you.


2. Create a Shipping Schedule


When you get orders, don’t sit on them. Be prompt and communicate with your buyers. Make sure that includes sending a tracking number. Create and follow a schedule to get your products sent out, use your own web shopping savvy and a site like simpletire to keep your vehicle ready to roll, and be timely. Running a good shipping operation will solidify the trust between your business and its clients. That trust and satisfaction can also mean more clients through word of mouth.


3. Promote


Spend time every day promoting what you do. Use social media and blog. Find satisfied customers who are willing to give you a plug. Name recognition is essential to any business and all the more so in the online setting. Promoting your business with social media basically boils down to free advertising. Connecting and networking online gets your name out there in great ways.


4. Build and Use Email Distribution Lists


Don’t just rely on your website to sell your product, be active! Compile a contact list of your clients and people interested in what you do. Take the time to create quality promotional material, ads, and newsletters and send them. Email distribution lists can be just as profitable as a homepage. By wording your emails and material the right way, you can let your clients know you value them and taking the time to make a personal connection with them. Maintaining email contact with your clients lets them know your business is alive and well and offers extra reach, which does yield sales.


Jayla Barnsen is a freelance blogger from Eugene, Oregon. She writes on a variety of topics, including cars, saving money and the great outdoors. She spends her spare time hiking in Oregon’s beautiful state forests with her two dogs. This article was co-authored by Rhett Stone.

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