Online Advertising Done Right: 3 Annoying Internet Ad Techniques

Online Advertising Done Right 3 Annoying Internet Ad Techniques

Online advertising has evolved significantly over the past decade. Previously, Internet users only had to deal with flashy banners and annoying pop-up windows. But now, online ads can include video, audio and even interactive games. Some can be discreet and small, located in the corner of a web page, while others might expand to fill the entire page. When done right, online advertising can help promote a variety of useful products to consumers and be profitable for all parties involved, such as advertisers, ad distribution networks, marketing agencies, as well as the webmasters that get revenue from ads they put up on their page. However, care must be taken not to annoy the website visitor. Here are some of the most annoying types of ads that we often see online:


Ads that Play Audio With No User Interaction

Almost every Internet user will recall a time when they were browsing the web, and all of a sudden audio starts playing without them even knowing where it’s coming from. This is made even worse if the user has several tabs open and can’t even figure out which one is playing the obnoxious audio.

Is it possible to use video ads that have sound in them without annoying the user? Definitely. This can be accomplished by playing the sound only when the user interacts with the ad, such as by clicking a button, or hovering their mouse over the ad.

Ads That Take Over an Entire Page

Have you ever been immersed in reading an interesting news article or blog post, then were rudely interrupted by an ad that seemingly came out of nowhere, taking over the entire page? These floating ads will typically use Flash to display an animated message for a couple of seconds while taking most, or all of the display area on a page. Even though they usually have a “Close” button, it is often deliberately hard to find.


Animated Talking Salesmen

A reputable company, like OrangeSoda PPC Agency, can help you by recommending ads that will connect well with your audience. One ad type to avoid, however, is having a video salesman walk on the page, start pitching the product by talking and only disappear when his sales pitch is done, without allowing the user any way to make him go away, short of closing the entire web page.


Multimedia elements, such as video, audio and even interactive mini-games can all be used successfully in online ads. But they must be designed in a way that won’t frustrate or annoy the user. Remember that if a visitor finds an ad too bothersome, they may simply respond by closing the entire page every time they see the ad, which would be bad for both the advertiser and the webmaster that publishes the ad.


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