Phone Home From 30,000 feet: 4 Interesting New Applications of VoIP

Phone Home From 30,000 feet - 4 Interesting New Applications of VoIP

Voice over IP is a great tool for many small businesses, individuals, and larger companies to use the internet as a telephone. From tracking advertising numbers to calling someone from 30,000 feet up in the air, there are many interesting ways to use VoIP. Here is a look at four of the latest applications for VoIP, and how they could help your personal or business situation.

1. VoIP for Small Businesses

Small businesses can use VoIP to get a local business number for areas that surround their store/restaurant/business. For example, if a small business is located in a certain area code, they could get virtual numbers for three or four neighboring area codes. This would attract business from those areas, and make it easier for customers to give them a call. In addition, it gives the impression that the business is local to all of those area codes, instead of only one.

2. Multi Lingual Options

Having virtual numbers allows a business to have

multi-lingual options for their business. For example, a business that wants to allow its customers to communicate in English and Spanish will have two virtual numbers, and both will link back to the appropriate voicemail system/virtual assistant/person.

3. VoIP to Make In-Flight Calls

Most airlines will have their passengers turn off their phones, with the frequencies clashing with the plane’s navigation system. However, flights now offer Wi-Fi to their customers, especially for international routes. By having a VoIP system on your phone or laptop, you could call anyone in the world from 30,000 feet in the air. In this case, it is important to check with a flight attendant before making the call, but a majority of flights/pilots will not have a problem with VoIP being used in flight.

4. Track Advertising and Grow Revenue with VoIP

With the emergence of many VoIP vendors in recent years, businesses all over the world are taking advantage. Businesses will use virtual numbers to help in their advertising campaigns. For one, using VoIP for making a large number of marketing calls is cheaper than using cell phones or analogue lines.

In addition, it is easier to track the results of an advertising campaign if the targeted customers are given a VoIP phone to call back. For example, if a firm wants to try three different ad campaigns, they can attach three unique VoIP numbers to each campaign. By tracking the volume of calls to each VoIP number, they will understand which campaign was more successful.

There are many new and unique ways in which VoIP services can benefit businesses and individuals. While VoIP is not going to be replacing cell phones or land lines any time soon, it provides a unique alternative in certain situations.

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