Pointers on Finding the Best Credit Card Merchant

Merchant accounts provide small business owners with extra services and features, as well as service packages and prices geared toward various levels of business activity.

As the number of service providers grows, it becomes more confusing for business owners to discern which credit card merchant is the right one for them. Yet the necessity of a virtual terminal makes it clear that any business owner wanting to expand his or her business needs to have a way to process credit card transactions on-the-go or remotely.

These pointers and considerations will help business owners select the best credit card merchant for them.

The ability to accept credit card payments easily benefits the business owner and customer.

Features and Characteristics

  • Mobility.The days of doing business from one storefront or building are gone. Business owners on-the-go need to be able to process credit card payments in the field, at a customer’s location, or at an exhibition.
  • Accounting Compatibility.Small business owners are often multitasking just to keep up with everything that needs to be done. A credit card merchant service that can help the individual store transaction data, create reports, and help facilitate other accounting tasks gives the business owner a way to consolidate some tasks for better time management.
  • Invoicing.Being able to invoice clients and customers at the time of the transaction or at a later date is important for both parties’ records.
  • Payment Methods.Many merchant accounts now come with credit card readers for mobile transactions and multiple payment options for a business website. Giving consumers more than one way to pay by way of a virtual terminal is important because not everyone is comfortable entering their credit card information online.

Popular Credit Card Merchants

  • WePay.Say goodbye to lengthy online applications or approval wait times with WePay. This credit card merchant allows small business owners to accept payments quickly. Accept payments on an iPhone or online, and never worry about paying hidden merchant account fees.
  • Intuit.Intuit allows a business owner to accept payments in the field, online, or through QuickBooks. Transaction data easily merges with QuickBooks accounting software for efficiency. Track, manage, and process payments at the office or on-the-go.
  • PayPal.PayPal is another service provider that doesn’t charge monthly fees. Fees are paid per transaction, and funds are immediately available in the business owner’s PayPal account.
  • SquareUp.Although this provider started with smartphone credit card reader services, they now also offer Square Stand, a hi-tech cash register the business owner can use with SquareUp services.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Many of the decisions a businessperson will make are specific to the needs of the business and demands of the customer base. Although some credit card merchants may offer cookie-cutter-type services, these types of merchant accounts aren’t likely to satisfy the business owner or the consumers in the long run. Each business owner must choose the features, characteristics, and provider that can meet the growing needs of the business, while helping to maintain customer service and satisfaction.

When looked at as part of the total picture, credit card merchants are an integral part of customer service and sales that can promote growth and satisfaction, or discourage both.

Mary Ylisela is a veteran author and motivational coach who writes about business, travel, and finances.

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