Promotional Ideas for Your Online Natural Beauty Store

natural soapOften, the stores that do the best online are homemade artisan goods. One area that we’ve seen people have a lot of success is with natural beauty stores. Overhead costs are low, customer appeal is high with all of the natural-living focus happening today, and you’re free to create products that you’re passionate about.

However, since it is a big market online, it can take some work to set your product apart from the rest. Here are some great ideas to promote your natural beauty store and make sure that it thrives on the online marketplace:


As a small business to start out with, you might balk at the idea of giving away your work for free. However, the fact remains that free samples are effective, which is why you can peruse Costco on any given Saturday and get a smorgasbord of free samples. However, a few categories of products are more successful than others. Products that must be experienced instead of just seen are the most important things to sample before purchasing. Snack foods and foods with general appeal like pizza are the most successful. However, just behind snack foods are beauty products. This is because people need to try out beauty products for themselves in order to know how well they’ll suit their needs. Pretty packaging and good smells are one thing, but whether or not the lotion feels good will ultimately be the determining factor in whether or not someone likes your products.

So, in order to demonstrate the quality of your products, consider giving out free samples. This can be a little more difficult when you operate an online store, but it’s worth it if it gains you a faithful customer for life. Package sample sizes of your products with the most universal appeal.

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Big Fish

Selling your products to individuals can keep you in business, but the real windfall comes when you land a big contract that ensures that you’ll have reliable revenue for a long period of time. This might include deals with hotels, local spas and beauty salons, and retail stores.

In order to land these clients, you’ll need to do a few things. First of all, have an established business online and a reliable customer base. This increases your clout and helps big establishments see that you’re in it for the long haul. They can rely on you to fulfill your side of the contract, and you should have customers who vouch for your products.

Secondly, you’ll want to make face-to-face contact with the decision maker of the company. Bring your professionally-packaged products for them to try themselves. Be prepared with bulk pricing options and shipping arrangements.


The lifeblood of your online marketing efforts will be content. Content on your own site, and reputable links to other sites that pertain to your market, will all help you be more visible to people searching for natural beauty products online. Make sure that you have a presence in the marketplaces that have the most to do with your niche, and then provide content that educates your audience about your products, and beauty considerations in general. This gives you a great chance to talk about what makes your business unique, and why individuals should choose you instead of just going to the local drugstore.

For example, is your face lotion non comedogenic, which will contribute to long-term skin health? Is it free of the toxins and chemicals that big-business products use without pause? Are your ingredients naturally and locally sourced? What’s the secret sauce that goes into your product to make it better than anything else?

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Brand Loyalty and Connection

Speaking of what makes you special, brand loyalty is the best marketing approach of our current era. There are so many products available, and so many companies with a bigger reach and budget than you, so the only way to compete is to build personal connections with your customers; the kind of thing that big businesses can’t ever achieve. Often, this is best done through social media: company culture blog posts, images from your work process, and games and promotions that build interaction with your customer base. Encourage your best customers to share what they love about you, and to share your product with their friends.

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