Should You Hire a Nanny to Care for Your Little Ones While You Work?

Working from home provides lots of benefits. Some of the most notable include the simple fact that you save time that would be spent on commuting to and from an office, and you also avoid the stress of dealing with traffic — plus you save money on transportation costs. In addition, you get to work in what most people consider the ideal environment.

After all, you get to make your home cozy and comfortable, and you can wear whatever you like. It’s easier to have a better balance of work and home hours. There are fewer distractions. Stop!

Just because you work from home doesn’t always mean you will have fewer distractions!

Keep it Real

Everything was probably sounding good and realistic until that last statement. If you have small children at home, you understand. Trying to run a business from home and take care of little ones is not an easy thing to do. But let’s face it, it doesn’t seem right to cart the kids off to a sitter or daycare when you’re at home.

You see the advantages of being in your own environment, so why not keep your kids there, too? Why not consider the idea of a nanny? Having a nanny in your home makes it possible to have your kids cared for at all times, and you can get your work done.

Greater Flexibility

A live-in nanny can provide greater flexibility than other types of sitters/caregivers. You won’t have to drive your little ones to another place to stay for the day, nor will you have to worry about the sitter showing up late or not at all.


Live-in nannies often take on multiple functions in the household. For instance, many tend to grocery shopping and cooking for the family as well as cleaning the home. Details of responsibilities and expectations should be clearly explained in the contract that is reviewed and signed before the nanny is hired. In addition, it is important to discuss the nanny’s hours of duty, days off, and right to privacy, including rights to have guests.

Most live-in nannies expect to have a private room that includes a comfortable bed, ample closet space, a dresser, chair, TV, telephone, and other amenities. Although some nannies share bathrooms with small children, most have private bathrooms available.

Nannies need access to a vehicle on a regular basis. This means they will need to be added to the insurance policy, and details will need to be worked out in advance regarding transportation costs.

The Hiring Process

If you decide that a nanny is the right decision for you, there are certain steps you should take before jumping in with both feet. Begin by creating a list of requirements or things you absolutely must have. For instance, since you work from home, it is likely that your schedule is not always the same, so you may need a nanny that can be flexible with her schedule.

Other things nearly every parent would have on his or her list include things like good communication techniques and excellent parenting skills.

You should also consider your personal preferences. This can include anything from gender to education level of the nanny.

The contract should be reviewed during the hiring process.

Treat the interview process just as you would any other business process. Create a list of questions designed to work for you. After you have narrowed your choice down to two or three nannies, you should introduce those individuals to your child(ren).

This gives you a chance to watch them interact. Some people just naturally get along with children, while others seem to struggle to develop relationships with them.

When your mind is made up, you can offer a two- to four-week trial period. This gives both you and the nanny an opportunity to get to know each other. Ideally, the trial period should be specified in the contract.

Work from Home, Have Peace of Mind, and Fewer Distractions – Even if You Have Kids

The point is, if you have a nanny you trust, you really can take care of your business and enjoy all the benefits of working from home. This includes having fewer distractions and having more time with your family. For many people, hiring a nanny is probably a good idea!

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