Small Stuff: 3 Tiny Details that Keep Your Business Going

When you think about your business operations, you may think about essential items required for operations that are fairly large in size. For example, you may think about how critical a delivery truck or a forklift may be to your daily operations. In addition to these large and obvious items that it may be impossible or very challenging to function without, there are also rather small items that are easy to overlook and that are equally important in different ways. In fact, these are some of the smaller essentials in many work environments.



Fasteners are used in a wide range of machines and equipment. They hold together components so that the equipment and machines can work properly. However, they can wear out or even break. When this happens, you may discover that your operations come to a standstill until the part replacement project is completed. Keeping spare fasteners and other small components or parts on-hand can help you to prevent long periods of downtime. If you have a constant need for these components, it’s worth sticking to a company like AvioTech Ltd. so you know you’re getting the same ones every time.



There are many types of hoses that may be used in work environments. Water hoses may be used in many manufacturing and construction environments. The water may be used to spray down dirty work vehicles, fill tanks, spray off work surfaces for safety, and more. Hoses can also be used to facilitate the flow of any other type of fluid, such as oil, IV fluid and more. Having backup hoses available is important because hoses can easily become damaged through kinks, rips and more.


Specialized Waste Containers

All businesses have some type of rubbish container for general trash, but you may also have a few secondary containers for recycling, medical waste, hazardous waste and more. These specialized containers are often made out of a durable material, and they may have a unique design to prevent dangerous waste products from being accessed unintentionally. In many cases, they are labeled so that your team or others can use them appropriately for their intended purpose. When these containers are critical to your operations, it makes sense to keep at least one or several backup containers available in case a container is damaged.


While these are seemingly small and unimportant items on the surface that your team may use frequently, your entire operation may come to a standstill or be seriously impaired if these items are not readily available for immediate use. Understand the small components that are necessary for your operations, and consider keeping spares available for immediate use.

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