Smart Daycare: 5 Details That Will Help Your Daycare Business Run Smoothly

Smart Daycare 5 Details That Will Help Your Daycare Business Run SmoothlyRunning a daycare is the perfect way to blend your love for children, with a profitable business. As every daycare owner knows, keeping your business running smoothly is always a top priority, yet between caring for children, complying with licensing standards, and managing your employees, it can be easy to overlook some of the little things that contribute to a well-run center. If you are looking for a smarter way to run your daycare business, then paying attention to these five details will make a major difference in your center’s quality of care.


Simplified Record-Keeping

Daycares both large and small must maintain stringent records regarding the children in their care. In many states, record-keeping is mandatory and must include the names, ages, and other important details of each child in a classroom. To keep up with these records, consider going digital. Today, teachers and directors can update their children’s records with a few quick clicks of a mouse.


Personalized Labeling

Every child should have a place to store their belongings that is clearly labeled in the room they spend the majority of their time. However, this can be taken one step further to really make an impression on the child and their family. Personalized children’s stools can provide the perfect way to give a child a space that is all their own, and make them feel important.


Staff Recognition

Daycare teachers work hard to provide the best level of care for every child under their watch. Staff recognition can be as simple as a gift certificate, or as special as a luncheon. While it only takes a few minutes to recognize the contributions of your staff, the rewards will carry further on into the classrooms as your teachers share their excitement with the children in their care.


Parent Involvement

In a quality daycare program, parents should always be welcome to visit their child’s classroom. However, you can go one step further by creating a parent involvement program that can enable family members to volunteer their talents. From reading to the children, to teaching a craft, this is a great way to show off your center to your parents.


Age-Appropriate Furniture

In keeping with the standards for best practices in daycare settings, it is always important to include child-sized furniture in the learning environment. In areas where a child may struggle with reaching, such as at classroom sinks, try using personalized step stools that can make independence exciting for the children.


Paying attention to details is second nature to daycare directors; however, there are many little details that can contribute to a smoother running business. By focusing on creating an environment that is comfortable for your staff and the parents and their children, you will be able to provide top-quality care to every child in your center.

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