The Best Affiliate Marketing Conventions

Just as with any other type of marketing, affiliate marketing is always on the move and evolving so a great way to keep up to speed with the latest affiliate marketing strategies is by attending conventions. These affiliate marketing conventions are typically free to attend if you are an affiliate and they offer wonderful insights and firsthand knowledge of the affiliate marketing industry.

Nowadays with the ever increase in affiliate programs there are a number of affiliate marketing conventions that will be held each and every year. While any new knowledge is good knowledge, there are still some conventions that are going to be better than the others. Instead of trying to catch them all, just try not to miss these:

• CAC Amsterdam: While this affiliate marketing convention is across the pond it is certainly one that should not be missed if you have the means to get there. The convention is going into its 9th year and features the best of the best in affiliate marketers, key note speakers, and other informative activities all geared towards making you a better affiliate marketer.
CJ University LIVE: Every year Commission Junction hosts its annual CJ University LIVE, which is an extension of their online version of CJ University. This convention does cost money, but the benefits and strategies that you will take with you should more than cover the cost of admission. Many industry leaders give tips and tools to you that will help you excel in your affiliate marketing.
Affiliate Summit East and West: Affiliate Summit was started back in 2003 and since then each year they host a huge conference for both the East Coast of the United States and also the West Coast. Each conference is filled with affiliate marketers who will be getting together and discussing various strategies and affiliate opportunities that offer great commissions. Last year’s East Convention was held at the Hilton in New York and this year’s conventions promise to be bigger than ever before.
• eComXpo: While most affiliate marketing conventions are all held at a hotel or other type of convention room setting, the eComXpo affiliate marketing convention is all done in a virtual setting online. This gives you the ability to attend an affiliate marketing conventions without having to leave your state, or your own home for that matter.
Denver Affiliate Convention: The website hosts multiple conventions every year and there is never a charge if you are an affiliate of theirs. Of the many that they offer, the Denver convention always seems to draw the largest crowd and offers up the best of the best in affiliate marketers all there to help you better your efforts as an affiliate marketer.

Again, any new knowledge that you can gain about affiliate marketing is great, especially if it is free. However, if you are in the area of one of these particular affiliate marketing conventions then you owe it to yourself to attend. The insights and knowledge you will gain will be priceless and will have you jumping to the next level in your affiliate marketing career. presents a step-by-step guide to affiliate marketing.

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