The Importance of SEO to Home Internet Businesses

If you were to believe the current hype surrounding Internet marketing, you could be forgiven for thinking that SEO (search engine optimization) was an increasingly moribund practice. As Google have expressed an increasingly obvious penchant for content marketing and its emphasis on quality over quantity, so too marketers have began to undervalue SEO and its place in the contemporary world.

In fact, SEO carries the same level of importance as it did when Google first categorized the World Wide Web at the turn of the century. Rather than losing relevance in an increasingly changeable environment, it has instead evolved to suit the fickle demands of marketers and the constantly shifting boundaries of acceptable online practice.

The Importance of SEO to Home Internet Businesses: Recognizing the Benefits of SEO

So while the importance of SEO remains unchanged, its nature has been altered considerably by the sands of time and innovation. While it is no longer good practice for firms to purchase links in bulk and drive traffic through their volume of placements alone, for example, the use of combination of relevant SEO posts and social sharing has given a new lease of live to marketers. This rejuvenation of SEO has also had a considerable impact on home based businesses, as it has continued to level the playing field between independent firms and larger corporations.

One of the most important evolutions has been the development of local SEO, which enables consumers to submit geographically constrained searched within a structured online environment. While this may seem to have little relevance for online ventures that do not boast a physical presence, however, there are circumstances in which this type of organization would prefer to reach out to a targeted, local audience. If you are a product orientated business operating from an unlisted geographic location, for example, logistic and shipping considerations may restrict your distribution of goods and force you to initially serve only local customers.

Social Sharing and the Re-branding of SEO

One of the main reasons that marketers devalue SEO is because of a fundamental misunderstanding, as people follow the mistaken belief that content marketing has superseded and displaced traditional search engine optimization techniques. When you consider that SEO is essentially a drive to enhance the visibility of a website or specific page, it becomes clear that content marketing exists as a technique that would compliment this. This means that the principles of each can easily be combined as part of a single, online marketing campaign, which allows independent home based businesses to compete with more substantial market rivals.

The same principle applies to social sharing, which is another contemporary promotional method that can easily fit beneath the umbrella of existing SEO services. This refers to the way in which relevant content is shared on the Internet, as reputable resources such as Google +, Facebook and Twitter are used to distribute a combination of text and audio visual material. By focusing on sharing industry relevant information and news through these platforms, it is possible to engage a targeted consumer base and build brand loyalty with no financial investment.

The Bottom Line for Home Based Internet Businesses

While people will continue to sound the death knell for traditional SEO, this assertion is based on a fundamental misconception. More specifically, it is all too easy to forget that SEO is an evolutionary and far reaching concept, which is driven by the same contemporary marketing techniques that are reported to be undermining its importance. On a basic level, prevailing practices such as content marketing and social sharing all have their foundations in SEO, while each are favored by independent, online businesses that are striving to compete with more established rivals.

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