Time to Bring Out The Big Guns: Fix Your Website

At some point, almost every website needs a checkup, because often what happens is what was a cutting edge design and development strategy at one point, will eventually become dated and ineffective. When you bring out all the stops and create a great site, you will take a major step to greatly improving the life of your business as a whole, so here are 5 ways you can make big changes.

Use Video on Your Site

It is estimated that by 2015, two thirds of internet traffic will go to video, this is because video is visually stimulating and informative, and can be tailored and edited however you like. In truth, an average video stands a better chance of being watched than a well written sales letter has of being read completely. With streaming video sites booming, there are many options for getting your businesses video produced, whether it’s by someone you hire, or if you do it yourself.

Improve The Speed Of Your Site

With the fast internet connections and powerful computers most people have these days, a slow loading website is inexcusable, off-putting, and frustrating. Luckily, a fast website is easy to achieve by condensing code and creating a simpler experience on each page can be very effective and can be very powerful in visitor retention as well.

Web Hosting

Getting good website hosting services takes care of two crucial elements, the first has to do with speed because a fast web host is going to allow for both simple and complicated websites to load quickly and reliably.

Second, a reliable website hosting reseller is unlikely to crash under high traffic volumes, so learning more about, and investing in a good host is a must for any website that expects to keep their customers happy. So all-in-all, cost cutting on web hosting is not a sound strategy.

Surveys and Feedback Forms

It is difficult to determine what may be driving success or failure with a website unless you are getting feedback. Tools like Survey Monkey allow site owners to set up simple surveys for free to get feedback on the current state of their sites, as well as features they would like in the future.

Feedback forms can be implemented right on the site with a simple email contact form.

Training Programs and White Papers

The key to building a loyal audience is building authority on a subject. Putting out white papers, or authoritative reports on a subject, as well as extensive how-to’s and other training programs for free can greatly improve the quality of the user experience on a site.

Taking the time to develop these provides value for visitors, but it also helps to improve expertise of site owners and publishers.

Testing, Testing…

Site owners need to be testing their sites on a regular basis. From feedback forms to site speed and even hosting packages, each element needs to be tested often, and it needs to be tested with a ruthless approach to ensure that the best possible experience is delivered to the user.

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Mike has been freelance writing for several years, and feels the most passionate about business and technology. He is the proud father to three boys, with the addition of a little girl in the upcoming year.

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