Tools For Starting a Part-time Online Home Based Business

Many Americans today are starting their own online home based business. It is tough to make ends meet in today’s economy. Starting your online home based business can help increase your income. So, what are the tools needed to begin a part-time online business?

Probably the most important tool you will need to begin an online business is a website. When customers are looking for a service, or information about a product, the first place they go is to the Internet. The Internet is a great place to begin your marketing. And a website is the best place to start. It is very easy today to build your own website with the many website builders available on the market. If you are feeling unsure of building your own, you can easily find a professional to build one for you.

Your website will need a “squeeze page” to capture the contact information of anyone who visits your site. Your guests can leave their information and “opt in” to receive your blogs, newsletters, or email’s advertising upcoming events or sales. An “opt-in” is very important to avoid getting in trouble for spamming.

An email auto-responder is great to have for instantly responding to your website visitors. You can set up your responder to send a thank you email immediately for joining your mailing list. You can also set up “drip campaigns” to inform them of upcoming special offers and offer a gentle reminder that you are still open for business.

If you are selling product or subscriptions to blogs or newsletters, an online payment method such as PayPal is also essential to have on your website.

Of course, in addition to all of this, you will want to have information about yourself and your business on the website. Be sure to include product information, helpful information pertaining to your service, and your contact information. There are many helpful tools on the Internet to help you build the perfect website. Personal branding has become one of the best ways to market yourself or your business.

Personal Branding
One of the best things you can do for marketing yourself and your home based business is personal branding. There are a couple great ways to achieve personal branding. The first is to register your website with your name, or your business name as the domain name. An example would be; .  All of your marketing will be focused around your domain name.

Another great marketing tool for personal branding is to start a blog. As mentioned before, you should have an “opt in” on your website to receive your blogs. Write a weekly or monthly blog about yourself, what you are offering, or what your business offers. If your business is related to the health and wellness industry, your blog could be about ways to stay in shape, or a great diet plan. By having a personal blog, you are reminding your clients, and potential clients that you are still open for business. It is always nice to offer something of value to them. A great healthy recipe is something they will appreciate receiving and will think of your business every time they make your recipe.

Now, how do people find your website? Marketing is going to be a very important tool for your new home based business. Your website will need to be found. Promoting your website in the major search engines, such as Google or yahoo, is a great place to start. All of your marketing material will need to have your contact information on it, including your website. Whether you are using business cards, or simply handing out fliers, people will need to know you exist and how to locate you. You can pay your kids $10 to hand out fliers at the park, or little league field.

Although your new online home based business is only part-time, it is very important to make sure you are putting some time into it. Make sure you are setting aside time each day to your part-time business. If you don’t work your business, your business will not work. Even if you set aside an hour a day to make follow-up phone calls.

Social Networking
Today, social networking is a very important tool in the online home based business industry. Word of mouth is the best way to get your name out there. You can create a fan page on Facebook for your online business. There is no cost to creating a fan page. There are also ways to purchase advertising with Facebook as well, depending on what your budget is can help determine whether to purchase advertising.

Another aspect of social networking is professional networking groups. You can find on-line networking groups, or groups that meet weekly for networking. Be sure to have plenty of business cards with your or product samples to hand out. You will also want to capture the information of the other professionals to add to your mailing list. Referral marketing can be a great help to you in building your home based business. You can attend meetings as often as you can fit them into your schedule. There are usually several local meetings a week at several different locations.

Write a Book
Have you noticed that just about every professional today has written a book? Writing a book about something that you are an expert in gives you increased credibility. Whether you are a plumber, or an Internet marketer, handing your customers a book will increase your marketing power and make you look more and more like an expert in your field. Be sure to have the book available on your website as well. You can offer the book for free, or charge a fee.

Internet Articles
Writing Internet articles is also a great way for people to find you. If your business is offering a particular service, you can write an article about that service.

Now that all of your tools are in place, you are ready to begin your part-time online home based business.

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