Trade Show Secrets: The Benefits a Weekend Can Bring to Your Business

Trade shows are the perfect opportunity to push your business in front of your particular industry’s brightest authorities, innovators, media outlets and buyers. Whether you are selling a product or marketing a service, promoting your brand at the right trade show could improve your business overnight. But before you start buying registration passes and paying for flights and hotel accommodations, prepare your trade show game plan in advance with these proven trade show secrets.

Trade Show Secrets- The Benefits a Weekend Can Bring to Your Business

Less Talking More Listening

Instead of looking at every company at the trade show you are attending as a mortal enemy that you must embarrass and destroy, make your rounds to all of the trade show booths of interest and get them talking about their company’s needs. Instead of pretending to be paying attention and just waiting for a chance to shove your business card into their palm, identify a void that you can fill for them. Listen for opportunities that both of your companies could unify on to satisfy each other’s needs. Doing a little “help marketing” by making yourself useful to someone at a trade show is a huge way to not only be remembered when the weekend comes to a close, but to actually get your follow-up call responded to later.

Define Your Purpose

Treat that trade show like a press release brought to life. What is the biggest idea that you are traveling all that way to unleash? Are you at the trade show to reveal new services or products? Are you expanding your brand’s reach to target a new particular demographic? By knowing the most important reason why you are going to this trade show in advance, you can tailor your booth, marketing materials and overall presentation to express this distinctive agenda. Defining your purpose also helps in choosing the most effective company personnel that needs to be in attendance. Remember to bring along branded marketing materials to give all of those interesting individuals you meet something physical to remember your company by and help further promote your company for you.

Consider giving away a promotional beer glassĀ or drinkware to your highest value targets and bringing branded pens, key lights and touch screen cleaners with your company logo prominently displayed on it for the other attendees.

Win Respect With Research

Pay close attention to the advertised list of guest speakers, sponsors and presentations that are involved in the trade show you are heading out to, and have some relevant research conducted that they could benefit from. Information is power. Information is also an incredible ice breaker while you are busy networking and attempting to gain people’s respect.

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