Unique Ways To Promote Your Business That Work

Unique Ways To Promote Your Business That WorkPromoting your business is how you let people know who you are and what you do. However, not every company promotes correctly. Sometimes they put advertising money in places that don’t need it and fail to maximize in the areas that would be best for them. Each situation is different, but here are some unique ways to promote your business that work if you stick with them and implement them in the correct way.

Social Media Ad Space

With the influence that social media has on people, missing out on the opportunity to market here would be a foolish mistake for any business. With social media, you can find people who are included in a very specific market and target those people specifically. Furthermore, if you have multiple target markets, you can also have ads for each different group as well. As popular as social media is, some people still don’t utilize it enough to maximize the potential returns that it offers.

Cross Promote

If you have another company that you are a subsidiary of (or vice versa), cross-promote your brands and run two promotions at once. This can mean hosting an event or creating a commercial or ad for print media. The options are endless, but by running a promotion with another company, you’ll reach more people and save money on your end as well.

Promotional Gifts

Promotional gifts are great because your customers can pretty much do all of the marketing for you. Giving away something like branded clothing or promotional drawstring backpacks gives your customers something that they can use, and wherever they use it, other people will see it and generate interest in it. With custom drawstring backpacks, you can put your company contact information and any other details that you want people to see. Promotional products can not only help you maintain your existing client base, they can also attract the attention of new clients.


Just like with promotional gifts, people love free stuff. Consider having a contest where the winner gets something cool such as a new video game console or other electronic device. Another idea is to award them a free shopping spree at your business. Whatever it may be, the more you talk about the contest, the more people will know about it. And in order to enter, ask people to give you their email address or phone number, so you can contact them in the future.

Human Billboards

If you’ve ever seen someone spinning a sign on the corner of the street, you aren’t the only one noticing them. This is why human billboards are very popular and effective. They generate a ton of attention and can even come a big deal in a local area if done correctly. Make sure you find someone who is energetic and is willing to be very active during their time with a billboard on.


Promoting your business can be done in such a variety of ways. But while some ways may be old and have lost effectiveness, the tips on this list will work in today’s market. Consider implementing them into your business to ensure that your promotional efforts work.





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